How to block Unwanted bots from your website

You can do it easily with .htaccess    


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EXIM commands

Here are some useful things to know for managing an Exim 4 server. This assumes a prior working knowledge of SMTP, MTAs, and a UNIX shell prompt. Message-IDs and spool files The message-IDs that Exim uses to refer to messages in its queue are mixed-case alpha-numeric, and take the form of: XXXXXX-YYYYYY-ZZ. Most commands related to managing the queue and […]

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OpenVPN for CSF

My openvpn config was not working with CSF , so i found the below rules to be applied works like a charm. I have both PPTP and OpenVPN working on the same machine  


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How to install zendOpCache and APC in VestaCP , Centos

short way from CenOS   APCif php -v CODE: SELECT ALL

  But i don’t recommend used apc, better use php-pecl-zendopcache (faster and stable)  CODE: SELECT ALL

  note: don’t use apc and zendOpCache at the same time

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mysqldump error: Table doesn’t exist status: Operation failed – Solution

ErrorWhen running mysqldump to back up a database, you get this error:

  This error can be for any number of reasons. I’ve ran into this because /var was 80+% full (very, very horrible situation). While clearing /var is pretty easy (if you’re brave, run this command: for i in find /var/log -type f -iname .log; do rm -rf […]

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Unblock youtube/facebook etc!

  No need to run a proxy or some other annoying trick.. If you wish to know how to unblock youtube or any other website just read below   Just goto : OR     Write below: Enter URL     And click Go.. All set .. enjoy. You can also download vidoes via IDM

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How to install APC (Alternative PHP Cache) for VestaCP , Centos 6.5

1) yum –enablerepo=remi install php-pear php-devel httpd-devel pcre-devel gcc make I already had some packages installed so it wasnt a problem. I use vesta cP uses new php http so if you use simple yum it will give dependency errors , change it if you already installed any of the above package 2) pecl install apc 3) sample output here: […]

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Setting up VestaCP DKIM SPIF and rDNS for Google to accept emails


  Add this to exim.conf settings:

and then


    Take a look on the image belowThen choose your mail domainAfter that type in SSH: CODE: SELECT ALL

  Don’t forget to replace it with your domain name, user name etc.You can’t do 1024 bit keys automatically, you have to do it manually […]

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Running PPTP VPN with CSF firewall

most of the time pptp vpn doesnt work with csf firewall. Here is the guide to make it working. 1) type the following command:

2) Put the following into the file: for openvz

Note: ww.xxy… is your VPS/server ip , is the ip you allocated to the pptp for KVM/Dedicated

  3) Type:

4) Put […]

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Most useful 50 Linux Commands

1. tar command examples Create a new tar archive.

Extract from an existing tar archive.

View an existing tar archive.

  2. grep command examples Search for a given string in a file (case in-sensitive search).        

Print the matched line, along with the 3 lines after it.

Search for a given […]

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