Main Differences between UDP and TCP

Q. Can you explain the difference between UDP and TCP internet protocol (IP) traffic and its usage with an example? A. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)is a transportation protocol that is one of the core protocols of the Internet protocol suite. Both TCP and UDP work at transport layer TCP/IP model and both have very different […]

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Gmail 5 Million Passwords Leaked- Change your pass ASAP

Five Million ‘Gmail Accounts and Passwords of Mostly Russia-Based Users Leaked Online’ Source: Verify if your account is leaked: The list of leaked account can be downloaded from here: . Passwords are not stored in this file.

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mysql my.cnf for 2gb dedi



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How to setup ipv6 with dedi – Debian

IPv6 setup with Debian and Wide DHCP Client for ipv6 To setup ipv6 in dedibox on debian , create a .sh file (script credits to rm_ ) :

  Then copy the following in it:

then do:

  find your duid from console and run the script like and select eth0 when it asks for interface

  To […]

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How to block Unwanted bots from your website

You can do it easily with .htaccess    


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EXIM commands

Here are some useful things to know for managing an Exim 4 server. This assumes a prior working knowledge of SMTP, MTAs, and a UNIX shell prompt. Message-IDs and spool files The message-IDs that Exim uses to refer to messages in its queue are mixed-case alpha-numeric, and take the form of: XXXXXX-YYYYYY-ZZ. Most commands related to managing the queue and […]

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OpenVPN for CSF

My openvpn config was not working with CSF , so i found the below rules to be applied works like a charm. I have both PPTP and OpenVPN working on the same machine  


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How to install zendOpCache and APC in VestaCP , Centos

short way from CenOS   APCif php -v CODE: SELECT ALL

  But i don’t recommend used apc, better use php-pecl-zendopcache (faster and stable)  CODE: SELECT ALL

  note: don’t use apc and zendOpCache at the same time

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mysqldump error: Table doesn’t exist status: Operation failed – Solution

ErrorWhen running mysqldump to back up a database, you get this error:

  This error can be for any number of reasons. I’ve ran into this because /var was 80+% full (very, very horrible situation). While clearing /var is pretty easy (if you’re brave, run this command: for i in find /var/log -type f -iname .log; do rm -rf […]

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