How to setup ipv6 with dedi – Debian

IPv6 setup with Debian and Wide DHCP Client for ipv6

To setup ipv6 in dedibox on debian , create a .sh file (script credits to rm_ ) :


Then copy the following in it:

then do:


find your duid from console and run the script like and select eth0 when it asks for interface


To find your GATEWAY type the command below and look for a line with router advertisement , the ipv6 there is your default gateway:


now edit your /etc/network/interfaces and add:

If you want to add extra IP’s then just add the following below accept_ra


In your sysctl.conf Add/change the following to like these:


To apply settings:


Now type:


and paste this before exit 0:


Now type:


Also you need to have port 546 and port 547 opened in your profile for udp



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