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    Saleem Muneeb

    Hey I got my VISA. But I have a question. Can I change my University after getting VISA.

    Situation is like that, I applied VISA on University A admission letter and I got my VISA with University Name and City written in Remarks section. Now I got admission letter of University B (which is in different city, same course but city is different). Because University B ranking is better and courses are better I would like to go to University B now but my Study Visa has University A mentioned on it. Can I change university now?

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    Dear Saleem ,

    Yes fore sure. Just goto the new town where your university is in , Enroll in the course and do all the other stuff as you would do in the first university’s town.


    PS: if you contact the embassy , they will tell you that your visa is valid for the university only , but when you come to germany you can goto any university you want. Many students do it and there has never been a problem.

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    I got accepted in TU Ilmenau and appeared for visa interview. After interview I got accepted in TU Kaiserslautern. I was misguided and I informed the embassy of my change in university. They, as is mentioned on this site, asked me to send a new application.

    There are no appointments available now. What should I do.

    I need to rectify this mistake some how.

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      Hi SMH ,

      Did they cancelled your old application?


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    Mohamed M

    Hello Saleem

    I have the same issue. Could you please tell me did it work for you?
    Appreciate if you can please help me.

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    I applied for VISA using admission from Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt for summer semester. But I was late to apply and my visa may arrive just a day before the date of registration.

    In this scenario, If I get some other admit for winter semester, from some other university, should I apply for visa again.?

    PS: Summer visa will be invalid in 3 months

    Thank you in advance


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      PLease guide me on getting admission in Hochschule ingolstadt. Is is difficult to get admission in it? and what was you CGPA in college. Totally appreciate your help.
      Thank you

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    One day before the registration looks okay , talk to your university if they can extend the registration date.

    If that doesnt work out , yeah must apply for a new visa.


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    Hi, I have the same problem, I m going to apply using university A because the admission of university B didn t reach me yet, can I straight away go to the university B when I reach Germany, wouldn’t I have problems with the foreign office while applying for permanent visa, since they specify the university A location on the temporary visa?

    thank you in advance for your help

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    I came to Germany as PhD Student of FU Berlin. (the name of University mentioned in my Visa) unfortunately the Promotion process went wrong and they didnt accept my Promotion Process. in this case they tell me (gave me an official Letter) that I can change my University and go to other town.

    Because my registration in FU was not Complete I cant get resident Permission in Berlin.
    Now I register in University B and the gave my doc to immigration office for renew my Visa
    They tell me maybe I should come back to my Country and try to get a VISA for University B from the first time because.

    Is there any chance that I can correct My VISA in immigration office B??

    did anybody face to this problem.?

    I just have official letter from uni A that show they tell me that I can change my Uni.
    both position is PhD position.

    Please let me know about the process?

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    What is town A and town B?

    Do you have admission letter for both universities? Are they fully funded? are you applying for student visa or work/ research?

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    I applied for VISA using admission from Magdeburg university for summer semester. But I was late to apply my visa and I got it but stamping is still going on .

    In this scenario, If I get some other admit for same semester, from some other university, should I apply for visa again or can I change my university ???

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