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  • Khurram

    Dear sir

    I am applying in german unis through a immigration consultant . The problem is that he already recieved from me 35,000 in advance , as according to him they are initial costs, further he is asking rs 40,000 after the admission as his consultancy fee. He said to me that once the student gets the admission letter from a german uni, the student has 90% chances of getting visa. I am confused .please guide me .tnx

    • admin

      well that is not entirely true. German universities does not that work that way. If you are eligible you should apply by yourself. The agent is just looting you. He cannot do anything , regarding your admission and also in the visa.
      If the visa officer finds out that you used agent , he will cancel your visa application on spot.

  • kinza fatima

    I’m looking forward to pursue study in Germany, though I want to you prefer me a field (either Medical or Engineering) in which there is no need of studying German language, As I’m not really fluent in German. And which field should I select and have higher scope in Germany?
    Kenza Fatima

    • Hello kinza,

      both engineers and doctors are required in Germany. Though to practice medicnce you would need german while for engineering , no perfect german is required as mostly companies deal in english language as well..

      Hope that helps.


  • Amina

    I wanted to ask I applied for a German spouse visa but after document submission I realised that my husbands residency certificate was more than 6 months old will it effect my visa what should I do reply will really be appreciated

    • Qadeer

      no they will ask you to provide New (melde-bescheinigung) .Certificate Of residency(not older than 6 months)

  • VenkataKalyanRahul Yedlapally

    I am writing this remonstration letter against the refusal of my Schengen
    National visa applied for a student visa application. I have recieved a
    rejection dated on 14th December 2017 from Consulate General of the
    Federal Republic of Germany Chennai.
    I am Yedllapaly Venkata Kalyan Rahul, born on xxxxxxxx in
    Secunderabad with passport number xxxxxxxx.The reason for rejection
    was mentioned as I could not substantiate the purpose, financing,
    preparation and motivation for planned stay in Germany and that I have
    provided false statements in my application.
    I. Regarding finances I have already submitted the working student
    contarct with EON expecting that would be sufficient as I would
    have worked for 20 hours minimum a week which would earn me
    880 Euros as I just had only three clases to attend every week ,I
    am however additionaly attaching the proof of finances in my
    German bank (Deutsch bank) account with around 8500 Euros in
    my account and also a drawing credit of 1600 Euros which
    sums upto 10100 Euros with account number 0579995 (kindly
    find the attached FinancialProof PDF),which is more than the
    substantial finance which I need to provide as proof for a complete
    II. Regarding the purpose, preparation and motivation I would like to
    state that I have exams coming up on the 15th,24th,29th January
    2018 ,which I need to write else I would probably not given another
    chance to write the exam as it is my 3rd and final chance to write
    the exam. Registered course is for 90 credit points (60 credits for
    subjects + 30 credits for Master thesis). I have passed 75% of my
    subjects and writing these exams in January can help me
    complete my credits required for the completion of the course.
    Kindly find the transcript attached(MasterTranscript_Rounded)
    with accumilated credits 45 aquired by writing the exams and I
    have 15 more credits to clear of which I can aquire 10 credits by
    writing the exams in January 2018 above mentioned dates . Also,
    the deadline for the registration of the exams attached as
    Exam_Registration. The final dates for registartion are
    8th,17th and 22nd January.(Kindly see the attachment) Without
    motivation I would not have been able to complete more than 75%
    of my subjects with decent grades.I have prepared for the exams
    with the material available on the study portal online and with the
    help of the notes co-­students in the course. I could complete my
    course in 8 to 10 months if I am allowed to write my exams in
    the above mentioned dates else it could be further delayed by
    another semester.
    Also I have rejected several job oppurtunities in the recent past as
    a Freelancer in Germany only because I want to finish my studies
    and return back to India once studies are completed .I would
    also like to mention regarding the Master thesis in ’Voltage
    unbalance and harmonics compensation for virtual oscillator
    based converters in islanded microgrids’ acceptance I have
    from RWTH Aachen which would help me completeing my studies
    sooner (Kindly find the attachement Gmail -­ MasterThesis
    attached). I hope this clarifies that I am more than motivated to
    complete my studies as soon as possible I have recieved the
    Master seat in this course Renewable Energy Systems after
    rejection for 2 years in 2013 and 2014 and later in 2015 August I I
    ahve recieved this seat only because of my persistance efforts to
    join this course. I however could not complete the course in the
    last two years due to my commited schedule as I have recieved
    the Master admission after i have recieved my Job offer with
    III. However I donot understand what kind of false statements I have
    made previously in my application which also is mentioned as a
    reason of my rejection, I have provided the most genuine
    information so far.I do not know if it is becuase I have given the
    German address I gave or something else. A clear explanation
    on this point can be of great help so that I can give you an
    Also all my original study certificates are in Hamburg at the
    moment with out which I cannot apply for my Masters in India as
    well and also I have not vacated my room in Hamburg and all my
    luggage is in Hamburg right now.
    However I have missed most of the classes this semester and it could
    be great if I can atleast write the exams this semester as it is my final
    chance to write the exams
    Kindly find all the required documnets attached with a valid travel
    insurance also attached as STUDENT TRAVEL TPA_2.For any
    further questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me
    Thank you so much for considering my appeal and I hope to hear a
    positive response from you as soon as possible in order for me to write
    the exams in January 2018.
    Yedlapally, Venkata Kalyan Rahul
    Passport Number -­ H2716311

    The above was the remonstration i sent to the embassy.
    I was living in Germany from Decemeber 2014 to September 2017.
    Can someone help me find a lawyer help me file a case if it is a further ongoing rejection.

  • Prabhakar

    In my degree(B.Tech), curriculum 8th semister is compulsory for enterenship. So I want to do enterenship in Germany. How I follow for that.

  • saba

    how to get a prepared envelop for German Embassy from DHL or any other service provider.
    I try to get it from DHL and Tcs but they refused to provide such enveloped.
    will you please guide me

  • Tahir Shahzad

    Normally embassy takes 4-5 weeks in issuing visa but if because of embassy asks for a missing document one month after the interview then how much more time will embassy take to issue visa?

    My interview was on 21st Aug, on 19th Sept embassy called me to send one missing document. When can I expect the visa ?

    Thank you.

  • Rania azmeh

    I have a student residency in siegen I want to go GISMA business school in Hannover is there a problem for the residency

  • Rania

    Thank you in advance for your response

  • Usman

    In a family reunion visa… engagment base…. does embassy issue visa on the same day when we submit documents n visa application form????

  • Muhammad Sibghat Ullah

    i opened student account in Deutsche bank last year. i do have my account number along with branch code. now i got admission letter and i want to deposit 8640 euros. how can i check either my bank account is active or not. and secondly, how could i show my bank statement to embassy? please help

  • Angela Munene

    hey I am in Kenya and I got an invitation to go do an Aufnahmetest. I was inquiring of how I will write my letter of motivation to take to the German embassy especially the body where it requires my to write why I chose the university I chose and the course I chose. In my application I applied for natuwissenschaftliche-technische. Please assist me in writing the Motivation letter I am very confused thank you.

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