Starting Point For Studying in Germany

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Please use the following aids for a better decision and implementation.

  • Step 1: Pre-Application:
    • Introspection : Ponder over some important questions:
      • Your purpose of graduate study.
      • Discipline you wish to specialize in.
      • Future application of knowledge gained after graduation.
    • Program Selection and Finalisation :
      • Find out details about all the programs. Select one that matches your interests, goals, capabilities and qualifications. Refer the aims and contents of each program.
      • Learn more about program, university and other practical information (such as expenses, housing , campus life etc).
      • Finalise your program.
  • Step 2: Application process:
    • In case you require a visa to stay and study in Germany, then get detailed information from the German Embassy or Consulate about the possibilities of obtaining the visa. For most cases, the student should ensure financial means to support his/her living in Germany. Keep a tab on information related to visa processing. For some countries, this procedure is slow and can take several months. Several candidates were recommended to enroll to the program, but were unable to get the visa in time.
    • Because of above mentioned and other practicals reasons, start the application process at the earliest. Do not wait till the application deadline.
    • Prepare all the required documentation needed for application. Complete the application procedure correctly.
    • Be patient and wait till you get a response from admissions office. Admissions office gets a lot of applications every year. Hence, it might take some time for them to announce the results or send the official acceptance letter.
  • Step 3: Post-Admission process:
    • Apply for a study and residental permit in the German Embassy in your home country at the earliest.



  • vishal valvi

    I have a doubt.I had visa interview on 16 Feb in German embassy mumbai . As I got admission in iubh international management Germany. everything went well but I wanted to know what they ask in the second interview. I heard that sometimes visa gets rejected due to the second is only three days after document submission me called for second interview.i have only received visa fee acknowledgement slip and passport with interview date after compilation interview.what is the possible reasons they ask for second interview. please help

    • Ak

      Is it mandatory to write motivation letter for master’s degree in Germany even when it is not stated among the entry requirements?

      • No it’s not mandatory but the visa office might ask for it. So you should be prepared , i think it isnt that hard to write one on spot!:)

  • Shaniii

    Aoa. Embassy Walon Ne objection lagaya hai birth certificate

  • Shaniii

    Aoa. Embassy Walon Ne objection lagaya hai birth certificate normal Indraj Neha who but Mera toh normal Indraj Hua Hai..??

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