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The program is divided into four stages providing the students with the necessary prerequisites in Optics, Condensed Matter Physics and Labworks in Optics (Stage I: Adjustment), to give them a solid background in important topics in Optics & Photonics as Laser Physics, Optical Metrology and Optical Design (Stage II: Fundamentals) and let them acquire specialized knowledge to be selected out of about 20 advanced courses (Stage III: Specialization) to be able to perform a nine-month research project on a current topic of research competently (Stage IV: Research Labworks and Masters Thesis). In addition, an 8-week industrial internship is scheduled after the second semester. The study will be complemented by language courses as well as ASP training courses provided by internationally renowned guest professors.

Detailed information

Studienordnung (German)
Regulations of studies (English)

Prüfungsordnung (German)
Regulations of exams (English)



Students who would like to study in the Master Photonics program can apply for the following scholarship programs.

Photonics – Scholarships from the Federal Government of Germany

International students wishing to go for a Master at the Abbe School of Photonics can apply for a scholarship, which is granted in cooperation with partners from the German Optics & Photonics industry, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the County of Thuringia.
Scholarships are granted for the two-year Master Photonics program at the Abbe School of Photonics and comprise a stipend of 800 Euro per month. The scholarships includes also a language courses. Approximately 30 scholarships are available per year.
For application please use the online application system of the Abbe School of Photonics. Further information about required documents can be found in the online application system.

>> Online Application System

Please note: To apply for a scholarship at the Abbe School of Photonics it is not necessary to submit certified copies (paper) of the above mentioned documents. However, upon acceptance students will be asked to send certified copies via post. For upload of documents only pdf documents are acceptable.
Application deadline for Scholarships: For the scholarships the same deadline as for admission to the Master Photonics program applies.
Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian applicants: Since the certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centres is not required for the application for the scholarship you can send this document later, i.e. upon acceptance. However the certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centres will in most cases be required later on to get admission to the Master program.
German students: We are sorry but German students can not apply for a Photonics Scholarship since these scholarships are exclusively for international students.

German students

Applying students from Germany automatically also apply for a German scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium).

OpSciTech – Erasmus Mundus Scholarships from the European Union

The OpSciTech Master is a two-year program offered by five renowned European universities – Imperial College London, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Delft University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology and Université Paris-Sud (together with Institut d´Optique Graduate School). Students enrolled in the program will study in two different countries, spending one year in each.
The OpSciTech Master course is financed by the European Union in the Erasmus Mundus framework through which students from non-European Union countries are eligible for two-year scholarships of 21000 Euro per year. However, out of this scholarship the students have to pay tuition of 10500 Euro.
For application and details please visit the OpSciTech website. Please note that application to the OpSciTech program is possible only via the OpSciTech website.

>> OpSciTech website

Atlantis-MILMI – Scholarships from the European Union

The Atlantis-MILMI is a two-year program offering a double Master degree in the interdisciplinary field of Lasers, Photonics and Material Science by a consortium of four institutions, the Physics and Chemistry departments of the University of Bordeaux, France, the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, the College of Optics & Photonics of the University of Central Florida and the School of Material Science & Engineering at Clemson University in South Carolina. As part of their studies, students enrolled in the program will take courses and perform research for up to 12 months at one of the partner institutions across the Atlantic.
The Atlantis-MILMI Master program is financed by the U.S. Department of Education within the framework of the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) and by the European Union through the ATLANTIS program.  U.S. students have to apply through the U.S. partner institutions, while European students have to apply through the European partner universities. European students are eligible for scholarships of 12000 Euro to finance their studies abroad.
For information about the application and further details about the program please visit the Atlantis-MILMI website.

>> Atlantis-MILMI Website

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    I would like to study the master’s degree on photonics if I get the scholarship opportunity. Currently I am Bsc. degree holder by physics with CGPA of 3.79 and am working in Adama Science and Technology University as Academic and Research Assistant. I have a highly interested to study the post graduate program by photonics if am lucky to get the scholarship outside.

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