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  • Khurram

    Dear sir

    I am applying in german unis through a immigration consultant . The problem is that he already recieved from me 35,000 in advance , as according to him they are initial costs, further he is asking rs 40,000 after the admission as his consultancy fee. He said to me that once the student gets the admission letter from a german uni, the student has 90% chances of getting visa. I am confused .please guide me .tnx

    • admin

      well that is not entirely true. German universities does not that work that way. If you are eligible you should apply by yourself. The agent is just looting you. He cannot do anything , regarding your admission and also in the visa.
      If the visa officer finds out that you used agent , he will cancel your visa application on spot.

  • kinza fatima

    I’m looking forward to pursue study in Germany, though I want to you prefer me a field (either Medical or Engineering) in which there is no need of studying German language, As I’m not really fluent in German. And which field should I select and have higher scope in Germany?
    Kenza Fatima

    • Hello kinza,

      both engineers and doctors are required in Germany. Though to practice medicnce you would need german while for engineering , no perfect german is required as mostly companies deal in english language as well..

      Hope that helps.


  • Amina

    I wanted to ask I applied for a German spouse visa but after document submission I realised that my husbands residency certificate was more than 6 months old will it effect my visa what should I do reply will really be appreciated

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