• Rahim Khan

    Hello Sir, I am Rahim Khan from Mardan, applying for German job seeker visa. I have completed all the documents but there is a problem in making deutsche blocked account. My consultant saying that the Deutsche bank stopped this service for job seeker applicant and the Islamabad embassy is not accepting my Pakistani bank statement. Could you help me please. Can you give any information that how to solve the problem.

  • Abdullah Tahir

    DB emailed me yesterday that your account can’t be opened because of a mistake. Now i want to know that do i need to attest the form again from german embassy or send it without attestation?

  • Muhammad Mohsin

    I am from Pakistan.

    About 2 months ago I applied for student blocked account but unfortunately my documents were incomplete. I have sent my complete documents on 30th May 2016 and have mailed the bank so many times through contact form but didn’t get any response. I have sent my documents for the Third time but have still got no response till date.

    What may be the possible reasons behind it and what step should I take next?

  • alaa hasan

    my application was rejected by DB 2 times , and can’t understand the reason of rejection

    “”You have not shown a completely, plausible and latest proof of the source of funds.””
    Please fill in page 1 on the form: The funds will not be transferred by me, they will come from (full name): …

    the source of fund is my personal saving ? what should i write in page 1 about the source of fund ?? it is not any of the examples they mention in the form , can I write “”Personal Saving”
    , and is an account statement of my saving account enough ??

    please answer me , a third rejection without understanding its reason is very hard .

  • mubashir

    where i get prepaid envelpe

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