A brief guide to waste separation in Germany

A brief guide to waste separation

Grey residual waste bin: light bulbs, hygiene products, cat litter, refuse, sticking-plasters, china, vacuum cleaner bags, nappies, toothbrushes, cigarette ends and cigarette ash

Brown organic waste bin: kitchen and food waste such as bread and cake leftovers, egg shells, coffee filter papers, fruit and vegetables (including citrus fruits), flowers, leaves, grass cuttings

Blue paper bin: cardboard files, writing paper and envelopes, books, egg boxes, magazines, cardboard boxes, paper and cardboard packaging, newspapers

Yellow bag: metal packaging (cans, crown caps), synthetic packaging (clingfilm, foam packaging, yoghurt pots, polystyrene) and composites (milk and fruit juice cartons or tetra packs, frozen food packaging)

Recyclable glass: This should be separated by colour and placed in the bottle banks located all over the city.

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