Administrative support Job(part time) in the IT sector @ Frankfurt Airport

Industry: IT Services
Our opinion: Administrative support in the IT sector
Location: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), 60547 Frankfurt, Germany
Start: 18.02.2013
Type: Part-time
Remuneration: Wage (in €): 12.50
Duration: about 1 year
  • Maintaining internal web shops, which is used for the provision of hardware, software, user accounts, etc.
  • Inclusion of information in order to reflect changes and developments in the webshop
  • Familiarization with a newly introduced “Request Management Tool”
  • Insert the technical deployments in the “Request Management Tool”
  • Care of the rollout database
  • New hardware document, manual inputs / corrections in the database
  • Clarifying the lack of information on site
  • Adoption of organizational tasks
  • Studying business, computer science, economics, etc.
  • Mastery of MS Office applications, particularly Excel
  • Exact way
  • Technical understanding
Divisions: Computer science, business
Company: usd AG
Contact: Sabine Hanisch
Address: Robert-Bosch-Str. 25 a 
63225 Langen
Phone: 06103/90 34 66
Fax: 06103/90 34 88
E-mail: sabine.hanisch [@]

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