Family Reunion – Pakistan – General info for all to avoid mistakes

Abdul Majid Malik <majid.malik[@]>;
Dear Members Assalam-o-Alaikum,
I am writing this email to let members know few things about family reunion and some mistakes which must be avoided. If some friend is going to get married  in Pakistan, please tell him/her about these issues. Simple looking mistakes can cause big trouble and delay later in family reunion.
About Nikah Registration:
Registration of Nikah involves three people:  Nikah Khawan, Nikah Registrar  and Union council. UC gives a register with 50 leaves to Nikah-Registrar. Each leave contains Nikah Nama ” Form II” in quadruplicate. In one UC , only a single Registrar can have the register.  In usual case, Nikah Khawan goes to Registrar(if he is himself not a registrar) and gets a Nikah nama Form II (which has fours copies). One copy each (filled and signed) is given to  Duhla, Dulhan,Registrar and UC.
1. Take care that Nikah is registered at the same Union Council where Nikah has taken place .Address written on filled Nikahnama should be in the UC where Nikah is registered.  Any thing different to this created big problem for many ,especially those who did Nikha in a Marriage Hall and brought Molvi sahib from some other UC. If you made this mistake, count a delay of at least 3 months. Embassy will raise objection as the lawyer sent for Marriage verification would like to see your Nikah registered at the same UC as address written on Nikahnama. You may be to asked to change registration of your marriage from one UC to other through a court procedure in Pakistan.
2. Please closely check all the four copies of the filled Nikah-Nama for any mistake in names, ID card nr., date of birth etc. Check that all signatures are there at right place and stamp of Nikah-Registrar is present. Many take things lightly in Pakistan while filling forms.
3. Telephonic Nikah is big no no. You must be present there as German Embassy/consulate now checks it from entry and exit stamps on your passport. If there are some unavoidable circumstances, give a written power of attorney which has legal value i.e signed in front of Notary Public/judge or from Pakistani embassy/consulate (in case they deal with it) to your father to represent you during Nikah.  Better be present there. Your absence will complicate the matters and hence the delay/rejection as a consequence.
4.  Carefully read the requirements of Embassy for Family reunion. If any question arises, call embassy to get an answer. Don’t rely blindly on the info collected from here and there.
5. Some people I talked to have made mistake while getting online appointment. You mad a mistake in name, passport number or email address than most probably you will not be able to submit documents on that day. In my experience, if you decide to take an appointment for family reunion, you normally get it after 4 to 6 weeks. So missing an appointment can be source of further delay.6. The interview by lawyer or at embassy may involve basic questions from your spouse about you. Newly married; make sure he/she has all the basic info about you.

7. Spouse of a Blue Card holder is exempted from providing A-1 German language certificate. About this, don’t believe on what they say on phone :). If your spouse can’t manage to do a language course in Pakistan, present following reference of the concerned Law  as proof on your appointment day:

8. In some cities, there were cases when Ausländerbehorde(ABH) objected that the spouse in Germany is passing through the probation period of job.  In some cities ,they ask for salary slips of 6 months while in others only for 3 months or just a job contract. Talk to other Pakistanis/Indians who have experience of dealing with the same ABH  so that you can proceed accordingly.

Please correct if I am wrong on any account. The info is based on posts of members on this forum, experiences of acquaintances and my personal experience.

If you know some other issues which you or someone known to you faced, kindly share on this forum. This will facilitate others in their family reunion.


  • Sanaullahkhan

    Hello.. did anybuddy got appointment these days. I have applied on 27th sep 2018 and still waiting..anybuddy who has applied in september last year?

  • Khadija Asad

    Allahumdulillah Got visa Call today after long wait
    Allah pak sub ki mushkily asan farmy

  • Fadi

    Finally got my visum

    • Ayesha

      Plz tell us about embassy test

      • asma khan

        Papers submit karwanay k baad kitnay mahenay lagay visa mil nay mei?

        • Fadi

          I didn’t give my test and my case is very old i submitted my documents in april 2017 and then B.C issue and it took 6 months for decree my bad luck and then after submission of that again inquiry and then interview in november 2018 now got my visa in my case most of the time persons who were handling my case they were on vecation one ABH sent an answer to embassy but embassy didn’t get it. So whole process again took 6 months then went to embassy after visa call on 9th of this month but visa was issued on old passport so submitted my passport again the new one and within 7 days they sent it via courrier with visa stamp

          • Family visa

            Congratulation fadi .thanks to Allah almighty ap ko viza mila . Ap sb se purany thy forum pe . Allah k han dher hia Andher nahi

  • Alina

    Hello koi yeh bata sakta hai kai Abh say letter anay k kitmy time baad visa milta hai ?

  • many people are getting visa these days… Congratulations/

  • Sanaullahkhan

    Got appointment email after almost 8 months. Its 25th june.

    • wow that’s a long time!!!..
      make sure your documents are in order so you will get your visa soon. After appointment it usually takes 4-6 months.

      • Sanaullahkhan

        Thank you admin. Yea it was a long wait. Hope everything from now onwards run smooth.

      • Sanaullahkhan

        Admin can u please guide. I have applied for visa for my son too who is 7 yrs old. Wud it b considered one case and fee wud b 40000 or two cases n 80000..and secondly my wife is german national. Are we exempted frm visa fee?

        • if they are under one application than logically it should be 40k but to be sure ask the embassy about it they can better guide you.

          If you are intending to join german or EU national spouse , no visa fee should be charged.


      • samra

        what did your email say? my appointment email says i have to wait up to 8 months and I booked on 1st June 2019

  • Azeem

    kis city mai aa rahi aap?

  • Farhan

    Hello all. I have a work contract to work in Munich and I want to take my wife along with me. Do you think it is possible? As far as I understand, wife cannot come until I have residence permit there.

    Also, how long will it take for my wife to get the family reunion visa after first application?

    • Azeem

      yes you are right you have been issued only 6 months visa i think for job seeking. even if you are allowed to bring your wife with you please dont bring with you unless you settle here and find a good accomodation. first come here find a good job and house then save some money then after 6 months you should apply for your is personal experience

      • Farhan

        Thank you Azeem. How long it took your wife to get visa?

        I already have a job and contract, so I was thinking that I could go with my wife and stay in a hotel for about a month until I find accommodation. Do you think that is a difficult way? I am worried that asking my wife to come later will result in complications and delays.

  • Saman irfan

    Hi All,
    I have small issue in my nikkah nama. My name is written as سمن in urdu everywhere, whereas on nikkahnama its written as ثمن. and on marriage certificate union council also wrote it ثمن, because Union council guy said that he need to match marriage certificate aligned with nikkah nama. Will this create issue/objection? However, in English on marriage registration certificate, my name is spelled properly. Please share personal experiences. The issue is just in urdu name.

    PS: on german embassy website, for marriage certificate it is mentioned that only english is required.

    • Azeem

      You don’t need to worry if your name in English is correct,
      Best of luck

      • Farhan

        Also, is there an issue if wife signature on Nikahnama is very slightly different than on her ID card? For example, if one letter is capital in ID card but on Nikahnama it is small?

        • Anything on the official document change requires a court order. Perhaps just go with the one you have and see how it goes!.

          i dont think you will get an exact answer and no one can tell you that if they critically start matching the signatures!

          So try your luck?

    • Hello Saman ,

      If the lawyer would compare it one to one then there is definitely a problem. The register where they put marriage entries in Union council are in URDU not in ENGLISH.
      German officials wont be able to understand urdu hence the english translation but the lawyer is a local guy and for sure does. If you have time to correct it , get it corrected otherwise you can take the risk and go with this one and hope it is not noticed.

      Please note: any modification after marriage certificate / birth certificate being issued must be done through the correct court orders.

      Our opinion doesn’t hold any legal value & we dont accept any liabilities which arise.

  • Sanaullahkhan

    Hi. Admin could u please guide about the process. I submitted my documents in embassy on 25th june 2019 and my wife was called for an interview in ABH today. Lawyer has not yet visited us here yet. Is it possible to send file to ABH without inquiry here first? Concerned person in ABH said she will send file back end of this week. So is that it? Thats how it is normally i think. No?

  • samra shahzad

    I am a blue card holder,and i want to know is there any way to skip the waiting time for the appointment of my family, i have emailed the embassy but no reply yet.

    • Sarah

      No, being a blue card holder only gives you exemption with A1. You have to follow the same process.

    • Muhammad Saqib

      Hi, I got to know that some people got appointment through Lawyer. It is worth a shot. Well you have nothing to lose.

      • samra

        can you tell me more about it? and how much is the lawyer fee?

        • Muhammad

          I already tried it. it costed 500 euros, Embassy is not responding to the lawyer also nowaday. Lawyer need some very strong medical grounds like pregnancy or something of critical sickness nature. I see some similarity in your case to mine(as I am also on Blue-Card and with very high Income). But Embassy does not care about any of these things.

  • samra


    My husband has applied for family reunion visa and i have a daughter who is 2 years old, but the embassy is not replying to any email to speed up the process,

    he has applied on 1st June 2019, does it always take 1 year for visa?

  • samra

    what did your email say? my appointment email says i have to wait up to 8 months and I booked on 1st June 2019

    • hania khan

      i think u will get email of
      appointments in december

    • well these days the waiting time is about 10 months. after the appoinment if all is order , process may take upto 4-6 months.

      Even if you are germany and ask for extension appointment , 2 -3 months is waiting time. its not just the embassy.

      • samra

        but the email says it will take 8 months for the issue is i cant wait, my baby is too young and i am the mother

        • I am sorry to hear about that , but that’s how it is. There is no specific rule that in such cases a emergency appointment can be given , else it would have been mentioned on their website.

          Are you studying or working in Germany?

          I hope , they entertain your request and issue a visa/appointment at the earliest.

          • samra

            i am working here, and my baby is not with me,…… she is with her you have an idea about te appointments by the lawyer?

        • Well , some people hired a lawyer who forwarded a case to german embassy to get a emergency appointment , as far as i know some woman were pregnant and so on..

          So basically you hire a lawyer , pay him and he tries to write to embassy to get you a quick appoinment.

  • Muhammad

    I already tried it. it costed 500 euros, Embassy is not responding to the lawyer also nowaday. Lawyer need some very strong medical grounds like pregnancy or something of critical sickness nature. I see some similarity in your case to mine(as I am also on Blue-Card and with very high Income). But Embassy does not care about any of these things.

    • samra

      but isnt this a strong case that my daughter is too little to live without her mother?

      • Muhammad

        I feel sorry for you. but unfortunately Embassy may not be ready to consider your (valid) point for a quicker appoint. You may speak with a Lawyer but as my Lawyer said Embassy has the (final) deciding position.

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