FAQ – Things to bring with you to Germany

  1.  Things to Bring with you
  2.  Some Jeans + shirts
  3.  Shoes (chappal +jogger+snowshoes)
  4.  High necks
  5.  Warm jacket (leather + parachute for rains)
  6.  Muffler
  7.  Gloves
  8.  Socks
  9.  Vests + underwear
  10.  Shaving kit

10.   Comb

11.   Tooth paste + tooth brush + soap + shampoo (for ur very first days)

12.   One packs of ball points, pencils, markers, etc.

13.   Some sheets

14.   Bed sheet + pillow cover

15.   Pillow ( if possible or you have to buy from here)

16.   Towel at least 2

17.   Praying mat / Jaey Namaz

18.   Nail Cutter

19.   An extra glasses

20.   Some common tablets (for fever, headache, cough, etc.). Your health insurance would cover your treatments.

21.   Extension cable 4m long with 4 or 5 sockets

22.   Blanket ( if enough space)

23.   Cutlery (a plate, glass/cup , spoon) for early days

24.   Any other thing you use

25.   Ethernet Cable.

How much money should I bring with me as cash in hand?

As your bank account is already here therefore you are not required to bring too much cash with you. However as a safe measure you must have 800-1000 € with you. Since your bank account can take 1 week to be activated.

What type of books should I bring with me. If any?

Generally there is no need to bring books with you, as you will be able to find all the relevant material for your subjects and courses here in Germany. Still if you want to bring some books you can bring the ones from your favorite subject or a good novel or poetry collection may be.

Should I bring my PC/laptop with me?

Bringing a pc is not recommended because of many reasons. Firstly you have a limited threshold for the amount of luggage that you can bring with you. So spending that precious weight limit on pc will mean that other more important items will suffer. Secondly if you will bring a PC from Pakistan then this effectively means that you can never utilize the warranty even if you had to. Thirdly PCs in Germany are not that expensive (250-450€). If you can afford a laptop first or second hand from Pakistan then do bring one as its very useful here.

Can u provide me with a list of “Must bring items”?

check above

Should I bring a mobile phone set, is there any country code problem.

It is nice to bring your cell phone with you then you should only need to bother for a SIM connection. However you can get a good deal for mobile connection having a mobile phone with per month charges.

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