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    Dear sir
    I just had completed my b1
    level completed engineering in electronics and i am
    planing to do international management course in
    iubh ( recent my friend told it’s a private
    university so am in a doubt whether it have all
    aided affiliations. for admission shall I send
    directly the needed certificate to uni assist.. also
    am confused to take the best management
    course.could u please clear my doubts. also prefer
    me a job scoped management course.. please
    guide me. thanks

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    Dear Rahul ,

    Sorry for taking longer than usual for replying. Why do you wish to study in a private university where there are so much public universities and offere free education?
    Have you looked for the courses at ?


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    thanks for the replay sir.. I just gone through dead.De. and found many course.. I had passed engineering with backpackers and had got only 65 % of marks my passout year was 2012. but I just got cleared in 2014.. so while I go through many consultancys they are saying am not able to apply in government university for ms… they also said me that they can arrange ms too but said government will reject my visa ( is it true) thus they said about the public university to me. actually I was looking for ms and had found many universitys and was ready for applying through unassist but ad this consultancy said so.. ( visa rejection) was afraid to do so.. kindly do a replay sir. about the matter mainly about visa rejection.

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    also in the time period if 2012 to 2014 I had done job in manufacturing of electrode field.. Is their any course for ms which suits with my work experience…

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    Well you cannot find out if you can be admitted or not until you send in your application!!

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    so can I have a chance of doing ms in government university.. or in universitys having tution there is a chance of visa rejection. if I got admission in a university

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    is their any course other than ms.. which have good opportunity.. could u pls suggest or give me the details of some government as well as public university where I can apply for my ms too.. tution fee is ok.. so that I will get a good course and can reach their without any rejection.. is their any course related to my work experience. pls do replay me sir when u r free.

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    can u please suggest some of the better private university where I can apply.. having tution fee is not a problem.. but according to my score. and also can u sujjest some courses other than mba. ms, management.. could u also suggest me a course which comes under my work experience.. thanks for the above info sir please do replay..

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      Dear Rahul ,

      All courses which are offered in Germany are also listed at , you may find all the courses and universities there.

      Please do note , visa of Germany and admission in german university are two different things. German university doesnt automatically mean that you will also get the visa!!.

      Sincere Regards

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    The forums have been fixed. Sorry for the delay

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    Dear Sirs,

    I am ACCA Member ( Associate Chartered Certified Accountant) and now want to Masters in Finance from Germany.

    Can you please guide thru the steps required from admission to visa process?

    Further I want to know, if ACCA is acceptable for getting admission in Masters. Please share your experience.


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    I’m from India and I’ve got admitted in SRH Hochschule Berlin for masters program in cyber security. But I have got bad feedback about the university.Also I’m yet to receive an admit from BTU, Cottbus and I’ll be receiving that only from June-July. The deadline for accepting the offer at SRH is however on 7th June.
    What should I do now ? Should I wait for BTU or if you have any universities offering english course in cyber security, please suggest me. Thanks

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    I am a metallurgical and materials engineering student. I would like to make my career in IT. If I want to do forth study in computer science in Germany, what are my chances of getting admission in German Universities?

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      there is no hard and fast rule. depends on the university and your motivation i guess. but you do need to have some basics e-g in programming.

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