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      Dear people,
      I am coming from non-Eu country and getting visa can take up to 3 months(according to embassy website),so I applied for visa appointment and got it very quickly!19th of August.
      Anyway,I got letter of acceptance for master program in University of Freiburg,but I need to pay 3 000 eur per year,bcs in that region it is price for non EU.
      I also applied in Bochum and Jena(it would be for free studies),Jena deadline application was till 15th of July,Bochum 31st of July.I would really like to know when can I expect answer from them as well…does anyone have experience with those Universities and how long did you wait for response?
      Thank you and sorry for long post

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      Hi Jelena,

      Well , its really hard to say. Did you already ask the universities about the possible decision dates?

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      Thank you so much for your answer,I have been accepted to Jena and here I am!Wooohoooooo

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