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    I am studying in my 3rd semester and under student residence permit.
    However, I want to change my course because my current course of study has very small opportunity to extend my previous studies/knowledge and instead is focused on something I don’t want to consider as a future career. I was slightly misguided about the goal and content of the course before I came to this course and the courses are very limited to gain knowledge and expertise in my desired industry.

    Recently, I have carefully studied some courses from other universities and applied to some which are more relevant to my desired job market and build-on/extend my previous studies. I received admission letters recently and these new courses have enrollment deadlines by mid April. However, the issue seems to be that, nearly all of these courses fall under a different faculty and field compared to the current course I am attending. In this situation, what are the steps to take to switch over to these courses?

    Is it simply that I de-register from the current university at the end of current semester and then enroll to the new university and continue with city registration and start my new studies or do I have to follow some other procedures, like attaining new permission for change of field or even go back to my country and apply for a new visa?

    P.S: I have recently received an extended residence permit with long enough duration to complete the new course in time.
    Note: I also heard that changing course after starting of 4th semester is considered special case and must be approved by government and other legal procedures must be followed, so I want to take precautions to not reach that special situation.

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    Hi Albus,

    Well before de-registering in the current course , goto the new university do the anmeldung and city registration etc.

    Normally if you have the admission and the course is not very different than the previous study then this shouldnt be a big problem.

    I have seen many people changing the courses/university without a trouble and they didnt have to go back to country and apply for a new visa.


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    Hello! I have the same problem.

    I wanna change my bachelor studies. I have done two semesters (WS16 and SS17) only. I am changing from Mannheim to Leipzig.

    Question: Do I need to do anything with the Mannheim Ausländerbehörde?

    (I hate going there coz the person handling my initials has a bad attitude and doesnt like foreigners.) I have read many sharing. Most say I dont have to do anything but enrol at the new place and change the Zusatzblatt there, but a few posts do say that in some cities a written application to the ABH is needed. I’m a lil worried.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I have applied for M.Sc PHYSICS.
    Can I change my course and university or course into BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (Technical Stream) after getting visa or reaching there?

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