Delays in getting my visa will prevent me studying :(

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    So my course in Bayreuth starts on Monday the 17th and I applied for my study visa over a month ago. I was told it will take 3 weeks to 3 months, however, looking at my friends experiences 3 weeks is normal.

    So I opened a blocked account, put all my money in it, got my documents together and went to the embassy. 4 weeks later I hear that they are not happy wth my acceptance letter as it doesn’t have a seal on it. So I contacted the university who stamped the letter and sent it back to me to forward to the embassy, which I did. The stamp however was not a seal but rather a text stamp as the university do not seem to have a seal for official documents.
    So today I called the embassy again and they said as my documents were incomplete (which they weren’t, considering that nowhere on any sight does it specify a seal needs to be present on the letter) that my application will once again take at least another 3 weeks to get any form of feedback. The problem I have is I need to enrol for my course on Friday, and there is no option for late enrolment.

    I don’t understand what takes so long, or why I go back to the start of the pile once I submitted what they were asking for?

    Any help or advice on how I can speed this along would be great. I have all my funds in a DB blocked account, I have health insurance and I have been paying rent on an apartment since 1 October. Also a simple phone call to the Uni would verify that I am accepted and am meant to start on Monday 17 October.

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    hey EJ,
    that sucks.
    Which embassy exactly ?

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    Sorry to hear that.

    There is hardly anything you can do. The best way is to apply sooner for admission so you will be able to apply sooner for your visa as well.

    Perhaps ask your university for extension? May be they will consider your request?!


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