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      Hello friends,

      I have forcibly been exmatriculated by a FH from a master’s degree program.
      A bit about the module responsible:
      The module was compolsory in my course. This module has two parts called as teilprufung 1 (written exam) and 2( project) comprising of 70% and 30% weigthage respectively. Both together if there is more than 50% achieved is a pass for the module. Both the parts need not have to be passed individually and both the parts are individually repeatable in different semesters. There are 3 attempts for each available. This module is offered only in winter semester.

      My case now:
      I had taken up this module in a winter semester and wrote the exam once and did the project. Failed in the exam and passed the project. Now I have two attempts left for the written exam. In this semester the exam results was available as one entry , which is the cumulative average of both the parts put together. Fair enough.

      In the next winter semester this particular module went on a transition due to changes in the examination entries. Factually this module entries were split into two different entries. One for the project and one for the written exam. Because of this transition ideally all my previous failed tries should have been reset. In this case my previous result including the project should have been reset. But my faculty responsible transferred the same project result of previous winter semester with informing anything about the transition to any of the students involved in the module. In this particular semester I wrote the exam twice and failed in both. Realising I had lost the chance of writing exam once again I went to my faculty and asked for a chance to redo the project. But he sent me to exam department and they informed me that I have already passed the project by scoring more than 50% of allotted 30 and it can not be redone. But instead they provided me with another chance of writing the exam on grounds of transition by declaring previous semesters result this subject as invalid. This chance was provided to me purely on grounds if transition and my University has no rules for fourth attempts. But at the same time I have my fellow student who did project once again in this semester having already passed it in the previous semester with me. In few months I noticed that the marks updated for project is wrong as it was carried over from the previous semester. If there is a transition that needs to be reset as well and even I can do the project just like the other fellow student of me. Now being cautious before taking up the this attempt of the exam I went to my faculty asking for the chance to redo the project but he directed me towards the exam department. I explained them that the semester towards my project result is wrong and I would like to get it removed. They told it can not be removed without my faculty’s consent as he has provided this data to them. So they kept delaying the process blaming at each other. And it was already time to write the exam third time again as the first attempt was reset. Unfortunately I failed again. Now my only chance is to fight back to obtain my project chance which was my only option to pass this module. Now I went to my faculty to claim the wrong he has done by transferring the previous semesters result. Faculty told me he transferred it because I had already passed it and after passing it once I can not redo it. Then i provided him the information there are students who have repeated the project even after passing it with me. So faculty told he’s not aware of any and it is not allowed. I asked him to cross check with his data. Faculty checked and to his surprise he had many students repeating it. After getting this details he’s now changing his stand as there was a transition period in the previous semester and there was a chance to redo the project or carry forward the same result of previous semester. Which he became aware of only after I asked him to cross check his data. So he never informed about this transition to any of the students involved in this module when it was available nor untill now to make use of it. Now because of his carelessness or mistake of carrying over the same project result and not informing the students about the transition and that we had the chance to redo the project at the right time. I am losing my chance to pass this module and being forcefully exmatriculated.

      Where as many other students did the project twice and also writing exam four times.

      I need to claim my chance of doing the project once more. Just like other students.
      How do I deal with this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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      Sorry we cannot help in this matter!.

      May be apply to a different program?

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