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    Good morning everybody.

    I am trying to get some information together about studying in Germany.

    After looking on a few sites I know I need to get a residency visa, banking account, accommodation and insurance.
    But it also mentions being able to financially support myself. And having a certain amount of cash in the bank account.
    However I have not found any exact figure for that amount. I do plan on working for the allowed 240 part time days for the year. But i will still need to have the finances in an account to be allowed in.

    Secondly, and I feel silly asking this, are all classes in German. I wonder about that because they are offering free studies to non German citizens. I have no problem learning the language, as I would like to eventually become a German citizen, however learning a language while still studying full time in a language I don’t understand could be a little bit of a hassle.

    That is all I can think of right now. Thank you for any help you guys can offer.

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    OK so I managed to find some more info. There are set courses that are conducted in English. That issues is now resolved.

    The proof of financial support part I am a little confused on. Is this the “Blocked Account” that is popping up.
    And if so, is the value I am required to transfer 8700 Euros.

    The follow up questions I now have are:

    Is this figure per person, if my fiance and I go over together is the amount required just double the 8700.
    And is there a different figure required if we go over after we are married.

    Thank you again for any help.

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    8700 is for one person. you need double that amount if you are with fiance

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