German University help required, critical situation.

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    Big B

    I have three AS subjects: Maths, Chemistry and Physics which I plan to continue in A2.

    In O’levels\GCSE, I had Science and Addiotional Mathematics aswell, my grades are mostly amazing except one error which has costed me so much. I have a U grade in my Urdu Second Language subject in O’levels, and Germany apparently requires an AS level Language subject which I have to do; it can’t be English Language A-level for some reason. I’m looking for guidance if there’s any university which will accept me in their Engineering Programs, I plan to pursue Electrical and Renewable Engineering as a future career option.

    So, are there any universities which can make an exception for me? I’m perfectly fine with doing an A-level Language subject which is NOT my native language, like if I take A-level English, will they allow this one exception? I’m from Pakistan.


    English: A

    Math: A

    Physics: A

    Chemistry: A

    Biology: A

    Additional Mathematics: B

    Pakistan Studies: A

    Religion Studies: B

    Urdu: U

    AS grades will be revealed on 13th August, expecting two A’s and one B

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