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    Dear All,

    I am a non-EU student who has recently completed her Master programme in the Netherlands in July and currently in the possession of a valid Dutch residence permit. I have received a PhD offer from Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and I am likely to start from September/October. I have certain queries related to visa requirements in my case.

    1. Since I already have a Dutch RP, do I need to apply for a type-D Schengen visa for entry to Germany? or can I enter Germany with my Dutch RP?

    2. If I enter Germany with my Dutch RP, then should I apply for a Residence Permit in Germany or do I have to do that already with the German Consulate in the Netherlands?

    3. As for the work permit, I suppose I can make the application once I receive my contract, so do I have to apply for the work permit also before entering Germany, or can I do that once I have entered Germany with my Dutch RP?

    If it is of any use here my Dutch RP remains valid for another 3-4 months.

    I would appreciate any help regarding the queries that I have posted.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Greetings Sneha ,

    Congratulations on getting the PhD offer in Germany.

    1) You can enter and leave germany as you wish , but to register here and get a german Residence permit , you would need to have a German entry visa.

    2) Generally you should apply for it in the Consulate where they forward your application to the respective city and there you can apply for your RP.

    3) You can only apply when your receive your work permit.

    Since you are already in EU , the processing shouldnt take long. We would suggest you give the respective consulate a call and see what they have to say about this. Sometimes , you can just come and register in the city while most of the time , they would give you an entry visa of D type and which you can later change to RP in germany.

    Hope that helps.


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