I am a Pakistani Student and wanted to apply for german Student visa.

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    Moemmer Shahzad

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to know what is the procedure for applying for study visa in my case..
    1) I have got admission letter from German University
    2) I am in final semester of bachelor Studies. Viva awaited.
    3) I have My provision transcript up to 7th semester.
    4) I will be graduating at the end of August. And will b getting final degree afterward.

    My Questions:

    a)What will i have to do for applying for visa? Do i still require to attest my provisional unfinished document from HEC for getting visa or anytime in visa processing? In German embassy Islamabad website required documents they mentioned to attest from HEC.

    b) when should i apply for visa as my classes are starting from oct 2?

    c) what is the visa issuing time and process time?

    Waiting for your response!!

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    a) For visa purposes , first of all you need to have a blocked account and submit 8040 Euro in it. to open a blocked account please follow: https://www.deutsche-bank.de/pfb/content/privatkunden/konto_international-students-en.html
    , You would need to attest it by german embassy or consulate.
    You should attest your documents from HEC , as stated on the embassy website. And embassy might ask you submit your Degree before they can grant you visa.

    b)You should apply as soon as possible

    c) depends 3-6 weeks normally , but if there is any problem it might take more

    Admin @ germanystudy.net

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    Moemmer Shahzad

    Thank you for your response Admin.
    But the thing is right now how could i attest y Provisional transcript from HEC as it is unfinished as far as i know there is no rule? So is there any possibility that i can apply for visa?
    Right now in panic!! need your help in this matter!!!

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      Hi ,

      I am not sure if your university does that. You can generally have grade sheets for each semester till your 7th. Get those attested by the HEC. In mine the university used to give transcript only when you would finish 8 semesters.
      So if you wanted to get something from them before , it was Grade sheets of 7 semesters.
      Please note that as there are many applicants who already have their degree with them and have applied for visa , the embassy might be a bit nosy about it , but you can tell them , that you will provide the full transcript and the degree before you could goto germany.

      And yes , you CAN apply for visa , if you will get your final transcript and degree by August. Please note that you will also need your degree when you come to german and enroll in the university


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    Is it necessary to attest documents from HEC ? My department is not recognised by PEC so HEC is not willing to attest my documents. Thanks in advance

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