Is German Language Necessary For International English Programs?

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    I needed to inquire about the language requirements. I have applied for an International Masters program at Germany where I was not required to show German Language proficiency as the program was 100% English based and I did not need to know German proficiency. However, my friends (who have applied through consultancy) claim that visa is not granted until you do not show basic German knowledge. How true is this?

    I do know basic German language (through self-learning), is that not enough? Will I be at a disadvantage when applying for German visa?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Additional Note: I am from Karachi, Pakistan.

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    Hey Melina,
    Welcome to our website. If your programme is in English language , you DONOT need any german language skills for your visa application.German embassy/consulate requires 6 banks of IELTS in this case. though once you are in germany , you would need basic german for day to day life.

    Dont trust what consultants say , they dont work in the embassy or in the German government.

    It is generally said that you wont survive in germany without german skills , this isnt actually the case , as i have seen many people without good german and have been living here. German’s are evolving and the young generation here can speak and understand english.


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    Mrs Khan

    Hope you are doing well there
    i am from pakistan my husband researcher there and now i am applying for family reunion and i hv Master and law graduate degree and work in an organization do i need german language certificate A1. because on site they said yes but on the other hand practice different and depend on situation.
    I am confused but

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      `Hi Mrs. Khan,

      If your spouse is on the blue card in germany , you dont have to do A1 level german. For all other categories you must produce basic knowledge of german on level A1 for the spouse visa.

      Sincere Regards

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    I have a TOEFL iBT score of 86 which is well over the university requirement of 80 and I also received the admission letter from the university. Will this be a problem for visa??

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    if your field of studies is going to be lectured in English, tests such as TOEFL (minimum score of 550 points for the paper based test or 213 points for the computerbased test) or IELTS (Band 6.0) are required for VISA

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