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    Hi all!

    I got admission into a German University with the period of study to start from 8th October yet I got an appointment for the visa interview on the 3rd of September. So I wanted to ask you all, are there any chances that my visa will be processed. Since it states on the Embassy page that visa application with less than 5 weeks to the period of study are often rejected.

    Kindly provide some clarity

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    Well , unfortunately embassy can comment on this!!!>

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    I am from Pakistan. i applied on engagement base. my fiance submitted my documents in Germany. it been 2 months. after how long the German Embassy will send my documents to Pakistan & when lawyer will visit me for the inquiry. can anyone guide me???

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      cant really say … these days appointments are taking very long

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    Mohammad Osama

    I applied for my Visa appointment on 29th January, 2019 and I haven’t received any appointment date email. Is this normal and approximately how long could it possibly take before they allot me an appointment date?

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    I applied for an appointment in January and its 25th June now and still there is no date for appointment.

    I applied the appointment during my admission process as I have read it will be take some months to get appointment in Islamabad, embassy.

    its not fair on those students who apply for the appointment soon after they receive their admission letter which is more likely be in June and when they apply for appointment, they will get it but it turn out to be too late.

    i understand there are some scammers who put false details in to take over the free slots but there is nothing anyone can do about it because if it matters for the Germany embassy, they probably would have change the system long time ago. In a way, this system helping them out as more bogus appointments means less people will get appointments means less foreigners will go there country, either way its win win situation for them but its us who are genuine students will face the issues.

    anyway can other people shed some light as how long did embassy took to give them student appointments?

    please do share your experience

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