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    Dear Admin.
    My application to open a Student Blocked Account was rejected on two reasons (i). I have not shown a completely, plausible and latest proof of the source of funds (ii).The amount of the initially transferred funds has to be at least minimum the amount of the blocked funds.
    Having crossed checked my application form once again and a checklist of what I submitted ; I understand I submitted my personal Statement of Account and that of my spouse .I also included our Marriage certificate to further prove the authenticity of the account holders which was confirmed here at your embassy.
    As per the second reason, I AM NOT CLEAR with the second reason, could you please explain more about the second reason.I have read the FAO and still did not understand.Please I need further explaination.
    Andrew A

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    Hello ,

    There is a new procedure :

    Ask your respective embassy / consulate if they will accept this!.

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    Can I write to this email address: NoReply Db-Student <> ?

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