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    Dear Sir,

    I want to share my case regarding the visa application.

    Visa applied on November 25,2015
    Intended University: University of Paderborn
    University registration period March 7 to March 27, 2016
    Intended program MS COmputer Science Summer 2016

    On Dec 31, 2015 I queried Embassy of Germany Islamabad about my visa application status. I also queried City authority Paderborn.

    On January 4th, I received reply from Foreign authority Paderborn: “Your visa was approved on 10/12/2015.”

    On Janaury 5th, I received the call from Embassy. They said:
    “You asked the visa section about your visa status, Your visa officer gave us the command that the action on your visa application will be done in March ” I asked him the reason he told me “Decision will be taken in March as your classes are from April.”

    University registration period March 7 to March 27, 2016

    Is it normal , anything to worry about because this simply I can not understand why they are doing this.

    Seniors may guide because its a new compulsion.
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Hey Hamad ,

    Dont worry , i am sure you will get your visa in time.

    Have fun!.


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    Dear Sir,

    This delay is worrying me that as the embassy will send out my passport in March, which is in time and obviously I will have no time left to appeal if unfortunately even after this much delay they refuse me…

    Kind regards,

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      Well, even for people in Germany , the extensions of residence permits is taking quite a long time e-g 2-3 months. So do the maths.

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    I would like to tell you that I have had loads of problem with account opening thing in Deutsche bank as they took 1 months for whole process. I gave VISA interview on Feb 19, 2016 but I could only send the confirmation of Deutsche bank with amount deposited on February 29, 2016. My interview went well and the interviewer was quiet impressed as i have got excellect grades and my motivtion is focused. The interviewer let me write a letter saying that i am applying for a VISA late and all.
    Now thing is i have to reach the University by March 29 for enrollment otherwise my seat will be withdrawn and the University can in maximum extend my time till April 4, 2016. University has also sent a appeal letter to the embassy for my early processing stating i am bright student and if i donot make on time, I will be withdrawn for the University. Also, International centre in the University will contact the immigration office in Germany for my early processing which is what the coordinator of my program told me.
    However, i am highly tensed and dont knw if i will receive my VISA on time or will be rejected. Can you tell me when can i be sure of getting my visa? or When does Embassy inform if my VISA is to be rejected for the date of interview?

    Have you encountered such case before and what has happened in such case? and what are the chances i get a VISA?

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    Hi ,
    it seems you will get visa.
    currently there is a backlog in visa processing in Germany hence it takes a little longer. But german university and visa granting are two different issues and the former can only recommended.

    but from what you said , i think you will get visa pretty quick.


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    I want to know that I have submitted my case but the issues is I have done intermediate in pre engineering with 76 % but I have study gap then I have done bachelors in economics 2 years program the question is I am going for language program a2-c1 from steinke institute and after that I will start my foundation from wurberg for aerospace and aviation engineering I also have A1 level with 76% marks it will be a problem that I have done bachelor in economics kindly reply thatnk you

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    If university gives you admission , it shouldnt cause any problems

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