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      Mohammad kanann

      Hi all,

      in April I’ve applied to a university in Germany , I’ve done the interview and they sent me the contract and I signed it , then they sent me the acceptance letter so I can apply for a visa, I booked an appointment and went and done the interview as normal , and 2 weeks later I’ve received my visa starting late August .

      However, I’m having doubts about my university and I want to cancel my contract but I still I want to go to Germany in order to apply for the university that I really want to be in.

      In the university contract, it is stated that if I didn’t submit my bachelor degree they won’t enroll me and if I don’t pay a deposit the money by 23rd of August they won’t enroll me.

      so my idea is not to pay them the deposit so I won’t be enrolled and go to Germany to apply for the university that I want and start my studies in januray.

      my concern is that my visa won’t be valid and through some miracle, they would be able to know that I’m not enrolled in the university thus revoking my visa … I’m also concerned if I can open a bank account without being enrolled in the university and I won’t be able to do the city registration also at the city hall and also that I won’t be able to do the insurance as well

      please as me if you have further questions so I explain my situation better to get a better response and answer


      a concerned student

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      hi ,
      well you can stay in that university for the time being and later on when you get admission in the new university then can change..

      this shouldnt be a problem.

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