• Javanshir Alammadli

    Just interested, what happens if you move out for couple years and come back, just like that German woman did, but without registering in GEZ?

    As I also get those shitty mails and I am just ignoring, as I don’t have any TV or radio (I even don’t know german language, so that would be pointless anyway).

    • Well , if they have something outstanding in your name , as soon as you register (anmeldung) in a city , they will know who you are , so will probaly send you new + old bills. provided they have the same agreement with the govt where they provide the city register to them (thats how they find you)

      Well it really doenst make sense if someone who doesnt know german and has no tv or radio etc but still have to pay for it. Saldy there is no exceptional rule for auslanders so for now everyone has to pay it , either you have a TV or NOT.

  • Alex

    Easy: Just ignore them. What they do is illegal. This law is foolish and will be over soon. Get yourself informed.
    Do NOT pay under any circumstances!

    • Hey Alex,

      are you sure that one needs not to pay? what about the letters from finanzamt? Is there a discussion about it being abolished? So that we can update the topic!

  • JayJay

    What can they do if someone doesn’t have a bank account in Germany or even Europe?

  • Rohingya

    I have one question, I got my visa expired and I had to move out from the country but before that I sent a letter of dergistration from DHL and also dergister from Rathuashause. And at the end the last amount I received a letter I paid but I am not sure for two month I paid as I did not receive letter. Now during visa will it be a probelm. please help me

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