GlobFone to Make Free International Calls including India, Pakistan

We have many providers for free calls. With so much competition around many voip providers have started offering very cheap international calls, and many others have even started giving free calls. Earlier it was just limited to Evaphone for making Free PC to Phone Calls. But, now we have found some alternatives of evaphone as well. One of such evaphone alternative is GlobFone.

GlobFone is offering free phone calls to almost every destination which includes countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Well it is not just free calls, but it is unlimited free calls, and the best part is no app to download : you can straight away make calls from your computer to any mobile. Another cool feature is free sms to any country straight from GlobFone website. Yes, you heard it right you can send unlimited text messages from your computer to any mobile in the world.

Note : Please note that GlobFone is currently in beta phase, so you may found some calls or sms not going through! But that does not mean GlobFone does not work at all. GlobFone is collecting such information (as on their facebook page) and trying every step to resolve the problem. So just inform Globfone about all the issues you are facing!

What exactly is GlobFone : The EvaPhone Alternative

GlobFone is a completely free service that allows you to send sms and make calls to anywhere in the world. It is basically advertisement powered. All you need to do is to dial the number. You don’t need to pay, register or install anything. You just need to watch a small ad. That’s it! Calls and text messages are sponsored by by donors and advertisers.

Remember AdPhone or Globe7 where you were asked to watch a small video advertisement and then your phone call went through. Well, GlobFone is similar to that, the difference being the ads are no longer video ads. You need not to watch those ads for minutes waiting for the call to get through. The Ads are simply picture ads.

How to Make Calls with GlobFone

You require a microphone and headphone or speakers to place your call. Just make sure that these things are plugged in and working correctly. Check the volume as well. Normally your laptops mic and speaker should do the task.
1. Visit GlobFone Website.
2. You will see a box with numbers on it.
3. To call from the Globfone enter destination number i.e. 33 1 22334455 using computer keyboard or telephone pad. Then press the Green Handset Button.
4. If your browser will ask you for permission to use the microphone you need to click “Allow”.
5. A new window appears asking you to fill RE-CAPTCHA. Fill out the Captcha, rewriting the text from the frame and press Enter. After successful completion Globfone will start to dial and you will see time information about remaining call time.
6. To end a call click the Red Handset Buttom on the Globfone. On the end “Thank you window” appear for 20 sec, before you can place your next call.

How to Send SMS from GlobFone

1. To send the message, type the destination number on which you want us to send a message.
2. Type your message in the larger Text Area, then click “Send”.
3. A new window appears asking you to fill RE-CAPTCHA. Fill out the Captcha, rewriting the text from the frame and press Enter. When properly completed your message will be send.
4. On the end “Thank you window” appear for 20 sec.

Facing Problems with GlobFone : GlobFone Customer Care

If you have already tried GlobFone and experiencing problems with it, then I request you to contact GlobFone on their Facebook page. Just post a message on their wall, and they will get back to you with the solution.

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