Installing Viber on PC





Installing Viber on PC

We have personally tried the method and viber works great on PC. You will be able to make calls and send free sms from Viber installed on your PC.

Lets again understand this in concept : Viber is already available for Android mobiles. Just like the previous method, if you emulate the Android Environment on your PC then you can install Viber application on your PC. Creating an android emulator on PC can be tedious, so if you download an Android Emulator directly on PC then it will be great! That is where YouWave comes into picture.

We will create a Android Environment (Virtual Box) on your PC directly using Youwave. Then install Viber Application on YouWave and Make Free Calls. Simple ? Yeah it is….Just follow the steps below :

Steps : Install Viber on YouWave to get working on PC

  • Download the YouWave Client using the link. Its a big file (100MB), so it may take time. Few Minutes!
  • Install YouWave on your PC. Simply accept everything! It will take one minute or so.
  • Start YouWave Emulator on PC. Click continue with trial version.
  • This should start your YouWave Emulator on PC.
  • Click View (Online Content) –> Select Android Market. This will install Android Market app.
  • Click Menu and select Market App.
  • Add your Google Account.
  • Android Market will Open up.
  • Search for Viber in android market.
  • Install the App by clicking “Accept and Download”
I hope you have installed the Viber on YouWave. Now to get it working, you need to verify your number with Viber. This is same method we posted in the last tutorial. So just follow the section verifiying at the end of the post.
Only thing is YouWave is a paid version software. You may try the trial version of YouWave and if you like it then you can purchase the full version.If you face any difficulty then please let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to resolve all your queries. If you want us to create a video, then please let us know.

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