interview questions for Communication Course at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg


By: Zarneel Munawar

interview will last for 10-15 mins. don’t panic and their language one can easily understood and was conducted in friendly manner.


1. what is your motivation

2. what are your future plans

3. why you apply here

4-In which field you would like to specialize?

5-About your Proficiency in English language?




interview was divided in to parts.

first normal then technical.


eigen vectors.

Why it is called Eigen value/vector?

difference between FFT and DFT.

If you have input for LTI systems then how to calculate output

Source Coding and Channel Coding

Fading and its type slow and fast

AWGN and its distribution

fourier transform of AWGN

sampling theorm

some related to probabilty that i don’t remember

RAKE receiver and matched filter

Short Time Fourier Transform

Modulation and its types.

What is impulse response?






-Introduce yourself (2 mins) (I was too fluent, so speak slowly, clearly so that they can understand).

-Tell them about your Final Year Project (fully).

-They will ask about courses taught in Bachelors degree relating to Masters Degree Pre-requisites (in my case Opto-electronics was the only course I did). Let them know what you studied (usually Optical Fiber and Lasers, but tell them only if u have full command over LASER working phenomena).

– What is the relationship b/w Wavelength and Frequency? Ans: c=freq*lembda (and explain it by inverse relationship)

– What do you understand by Total Internal Reflection?

– What is MAXWELL’s Equation ? (I was completely blank at this one :( ).

– What is a resonator or resonance?

– Tell us about what do you think how a wonderbar (Rainbow) is formed (they confused me by asking about wonder-bar,  but I had idea that this is light related interview and it must be a rainbow).

– What is Scalar and Vector Quantity?

– Critical Angle.


n.b. Dont speak fast, they hardly understand English and could not even ask question properly in English.


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