Thoughts lead on to purpose, purpose leads on to actions, actions form habits, habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny.” Tryon Edwards


My decision to pursue postgraduate study in the Germany is underlined by my desire to be a part of …………………………. program at your institution. ……………….. offers the flexibility needed for such a vast and rapidly changing field. In addition, retaining high reputation in having superior standards of education and research activities with the opportunity to challenge myself has motivated me on taking …….. program in ………………………..


Education is a matter of affection with learning, so the fruits of higher education can be relished only when there is sync between the interest and the course content. Taking into account my undertakings so far, I am certain that ……….. program from your prestigious institution would be the appropriate course to realize my goals. ……………. is indispensable as it has modernized the industrial systems. It has also revolutionized manufacturing process and salved working of labours. Also, being an enabling technology, with vast applications in various fields it embarked my motivations for applying to ……………… course. It will be productive in acquiring advanced understanding of Control Systems, Process Automation, Power Converter Technology, and modern robotics technology.


“Nothing is Impossible in Life” has always been a motivating force behind all   my achievements. I strongly belief that enjoying what we do and having the passion to pursue, we can ultimately achieve our destination, no matter how much efforts are needed. From early childhood, I was very captivated with electronic appliances around me. I would ask my parents about their principle of working. I always tried to find out what basic elements and structure they contain that make them to facilitate human life. Therefore, since then, I had made my mind to opt for the electrical engineering domain. The enthusiasm to understand the mystery behind the design and operation of electronic gadgets incited me to enroll myself for undergraduate program in ………………….. at ………………………………., one of the most esteemed institutes of Pakistan. I remained a merit position holder throughout the academic years of graduation and ranked overall 3rd  in the batch. I also got academic excellence award in my school and college studies. In my adult age, I perceived that life for me has been a process of persistent determination and so I always tried to perform better in everything than I had done before. The most integral part of these consistent achievements is the work ethic assimilated into me by my parents, teachers, mentors and intrigued liking of engineering. This played a vital role in my decision for future.


My undergraduate studies at ………… not only gave me a certain skill set but also made me to further explore my field of interest and hone my academic strengths. During my undergrad studies I learned more about Automation & Control sytems, Electric Motor Drives, Power Electronics, and Industrial Process Control. Besides building theoretical concepts, I always enjoyed long hours in the Labs to correlate theory to practical observation. Also, working on projects throughout the academic gave me a sound technical base. But the greatest advantage of involving myself in these activities was to accomplish skills of teamwork. Moreover, my participation in E-Indus Project competition 2010, in which I ranked to be 4th , improved my competency level. In addition, I also got opportunity to present Demo & Lecture on Virtual Instrumentation for Control Application in IEEE@……… lecture series that furnished my presentation skills. Being passionate of research, I was co-author in an academic research activity titled “……………………..”, published in ……………………………… In this work, we presented the ……………………………..


As a Final Year Project (FYP) activity, we; team of four undergrads, were assigned to design, develop and implement a system named “……………………………………………..”, for the solution of an industrial problem. This in turn helped in grooming my problem solving acquisitions. As a group leader, my key tasks were to manage overall activities, Circuit Designing & Simulation, which furnished my skills to understand industrial Systems and managing teamwork. During my internship period at Siemens Engineering Pakistan Co. Ltd. in my 3rd academic year, I came to know work ethics of a multinational firm. Also, I learned how to perform troubleshooting , testing and commissioning of Energy Automation (EA) Systems. That was my great exposure with modern electrical devices used in EA.


Germany is a symbol of technical excellence. As technical skills and excellence cannot be achieved without excellent education, it is therefore a promising destination for higher education. The fact that many of Germany’s institutions of higher education charge little or no tuition fee by international comparison apprised me of the importance Germany holds in higher education. I also value the fact that many breakthroughs industrial practices have been originally envisaged by German establishments.


Pakistan is a developing country with an enormous potential in the Process Automation oriented business. Moreover to reengineer the existing and ever developing industrial units and more importantly to reduce human dependency and provide safety measures to manufacturing systems by designing  efficient and effective process automation systems are going to occupy utmost significance. Thus, conditions in my homeland are very conducive to supplement my aspirations when I will return after completing my postgraduate studies.


To recapitulate, it would be a matter of great pride for me to pursue my postgraduate studies at your renowned institution to gain many academic strides and contribute my part in the research area. I hope that considering my strong captivation to ………… and consistent academic achievements you will provide me the opportunity to be part of this rich interdisciplinary interface.


  • Nargis

    It’s too long! Isn’t it? They provide very limited time and we’ve to write one paragraph or two.

    • You are absolutely right. :) and we guess , if one is going to study a master program , writing a para shouldnt be a huge problem at all. One can just get the necessary points from it and remember it :)..


  • Maja

    Good written but to loooooong!!!

  • seham

    please I want to write motivation letter to German embassy.
    I choose manhiemme university and I will study political science, can you help me please?

  • Franklin

    I want to study as an undergraduate. How will my motivation letter be.

  • Franklin

    I want to study as an undergraduate. How will my motivation letter be like? please

  • waqas

    hey guys plz tell me can i change my field as i am in my last semester doing telecom networking can i switch my field in masters. i want to do masters in management sciences.

  • Usama Malik

    I want a motivation latter for study Visa in Germany
    I have selected Philipps University Marburg Germany I want to study MD.

  • Unaiza

    I have been accepted at a university in Bonn, and now it has come to my knowledge that the German embassy also requires a motivational letter. I wanted to ask someone (if anyone has written one to the German consulate), how long is it supposed to be. No guidelines have been given. Also, should I talk about studying in Germany in general or should I focus on my university (that way I could just recycle my university motivational letter).

    • Hi ,

      congratulations on your selection in Bonn. It’s a wonderful university and city.

      Regarding the motivational letter , it doesnt need to be like the one you have written for university , just 1-2 paragraphs , on why you want to study the particular course , and why did you choose germany and your future goals.

  • Ayesha

    Mjhy saudia Mai Pakistani emabssy sy notraixe krwana pryga ? Kya yh Pakistan ma kch nhi hoga?

  • preet

    hey all, i have to write a motivational letter for germany. could u pls help as i am going for foundation course frst and then i will study business so how the motivation should be?

    • Unaiza

      Hi Preet! I wrote about 3 paragraphs for it. The first one talked about why I chose Germany, the second and third, about why that uni and that specific programme. I concluded in the last paragraph as well. The motivational letter doesn’t have to be very long, and my total was half a page. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks Unaiza for sharing your experience.

        Preet: as Unaiza mentioned , it doesnt need to be a long essay , just few lines , on why germany , a little bit about your course and future plans and that’s about it!!

        Cheers from Germany!

    • Raj

      Hi preet, can you help me for sop because i am going same course or can u send me yours

  • Naik Vrajesh

    I want to write sop for germany application.
    For bachelor course.
    Please help me.

  • NoName

    Hi There,

    I have got admission letter for MSc from a German university and now I have appointment with German Embassy Riad (Saudi Arabia). The course is 50:50 English-German, so I will be going to apply for language visa (I have both admission letters of German Language course + MSc admission letter). They are asking motivational letter, so I am in bit trouble what to write. my case is as below:
    1. My family is already in Germany.
    2. I have already one year Schengen Multiple Visa from same embassy.
    3. At the time of Deutsche Bank documents attestation from same embassy, I was enquired a few questions about why I am going on student visa, why not I am applying for family re-union visa, what will be my goals after studies, will I return back to Saudia or will be back to my homeland, etc etc etc

    So considering above context I need your detailed response.
    Also I need experts opinion for % chances of getting stamped my visa.


    • Sorry we cannot say you will get visa or not. That’s upto the embassy. But if you fulfill all the conditions you can get a visa.

      Which family of yours is in Germany? Father / Mother?

  • Chidi

    Hi dear
    Am from Nigeria. Please when writing a letter of motivation to german embassy, is address needed. Can u please show me the format.

  • Steford

    Hello admin,
    I got rejected in about 3 schools in Germany based on the content of my motivation letter. Now I want to re apply, can you please help me to proofread my letter and make corrections where necessary?
    2. Do you have any information about RWTH Aachen University admission procedure?

    Kind regards

  • Vivian;

    Please I got admitted to technical university Munich in the department of education msc(masters of education program in research on teaching and learning. Am having problem with motivation letter for embassy, can someone please help me

  • sonam

    can someone provide the idea on Job seekers visa SOP. I cannot find that anywhere in the internet.

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