MSPE Interview sample questions

Following are the questions which were asked during the Master of Science in Power Engineering Programme at Technische Universität München (TUM). Keep in mind that the technical questions are just for having an idea about your basic knowledge. I think the decisive factors for your selection in interview would be how effectively you convince them about your motivation to come to MSPE, TUM and Germany. Your confidence and attittude matters a lot. If you have cleared the first stage, 75% of your work is done. You need to be positive for clearing or scoring good on the interview.

Dont expect that if you are from mechanical background you will only be asked mechanical questions or vice versa. They expect you to have a very basic idea of the other related subjects also.

2015 questions

1- Why you want to join power & energy sector?

2- What was your favorite subject in your B.Sc Engineering and Why?

3- Tell us about your Bachelor thesis?

4- Do you have any internship experience?

5- What were your responsibilities during your internship?

6- What are your strengths and weaknesses?

7- What is diode?

8- Explain characteristic curve of diode?

9- Name some semiconductor materials used in electronic devices?

10- What is complex ohm’s law?

11- What is high pass filter?

12- How to design high pass filter?

13- What is the driving force for steam in mechanical side of power plant?

14- What are advantages and disadvantages of HVDC?

15- Anything which you want to tells us more about you before we take final decision?



General Questions

These are the most important questions and they should be answered confidently and precisely.



1- Your motivation to come to germany

2- Your motivation to select the Power & Energy sector

3- Your motivation to select TUM and MSPE

4- Why should you be selected?


Other questions related to your CV and your motivation letter. Write down the answer of the above questions on a piece of paper and while giving interview on skype, you can keep that with you in order to answer the questions confidently and in a prepared style.



Technical Questions



These are also from your cv and the basic concepts of important terms of the subjects related to your degree. Last time there were also questions from Mathematics regarding integration or derivaties of very common funtions.


– Mechanical



1- Rankine cycle

2- Combined cycle

3- Renewable energy sources

4- Power Generation capacity in Pakistan / Germany

5- Share of conventional and renewable energy in total generation capacity for Pakistan / Germany (see wikipedia for all the statisctics)

6- Modes / Sources of Power production in Pakistan / Germany (in terms of fuel)

7- Carnot efficiency and Rankine cycle efficiency

8- Problems in integration of Renewable into main grid.

9- Vibration system

10- Newtons law of mechanics


– Electrical / Electronics



1- Ohm’s law

2- Difference b/w synchronous and asynchronous machines

3- Basic electronic devices and their functions (transisitor, diodes, thyristors etc.)

4- Power factor (its correction)

5- reactive, active, apparent power

6- Components of control system

7- poles and zeroes and how the stabilty of the system is defined by poles

8- How to change the direction of a running motor?

9- Photovoltaics and Fuel cells (just operating principles)

10- What is transfer function? (control systems)

11- Main Component of Control Loop.

12- Main electrical component of the model of transmision line

13- Resonance Frequency

14- Difference between Induction motor and synchronous motor

15- Nominal voltage level in Pakistan

16- PID controller

17- Servomechanism

18- Generator principle


– General Mathematics



1- Integration of (1/x)

2- Derivative of (e^x)

3- Fourier Transform

4- Integral of cos x

5- How to check whether the square matrix has inverse ?


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      Most of the job requires you to speak Good german. If you dont have that ,regardless where you study from your options are always limited.


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