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Hochschule Emden/Leer

Internal University and Public Invitation to Tender

The University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule Emden/Leer is looking to enhance the scientific work group “Lasers in Medicine and Analytics (LIMA)” at the Institute of Laser and Optics (ILO), Faculty of Technology, at the earliest possible date.

PhD student/Doctoral Candidate
(according to qualification: E 13 TV-L, 50%, temporary, for 3 years)
Code T 90

Description: Fundamental scientific research and development of innovative laser-spectroscopic applications within the framework of the Research Professorship “Spatial and time-resolved elemental and molecular analysis – Optical MicroSpectroscopy”.

Profile: The combination and interdisciplinary application of laser-spectroscopic techniques for elemental and molecular analysis is a long-standing focus of the work group “Lasers in Medicine and Analytics” at the Institute of Laser and Optics. With the combination of laser-induced break-down spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy complementary investigations of atomic and molecular properties of organic and inorganic samples are possible. Marine organisms will be examined for trace analysis of heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, the metalloid arsenic, and biotoxins. For this research the work group will be afforded the excellent infra-structure of the University of Science – HS Emden/Leer. In cooperation with the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, we can provide you with the opportunity for the timely and successful completion of your dissertation, superior support, excellent facilities, and an inspiring environment.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Scientific collaboration in the development of laser-spectroscopic methods for the analysis of organic and inorganic samples
  • Interdisciplinary linking of physical and biological problems
  • Independent design and implementation of new experiments for molecular and element-analytical trace detection
  • Preparation and presentation of research results in appropriate media, publications, and scientific conferences

Qualifications for the successful candidate (m/f ):

  • Master’s degree (Diploma), with high marks in physics, chemistry, or a relevant Engineering degree from an accredited university
  • Knowledge and practical experience in at least one of the following areas: optical spectroscopy, sensing, optical metrology, laser technology, or optical microscopy
  • Enjoyment of and experience in conducting experiments
  • A high degree of flexibility, willingness to learn, willingness to participate in interdisciplinary collaboration, and teamwork
Cooperative State Graduate Training Group
“Nano-energy Research” at University Oldenburg and
University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule Emden/Leer
Excellent graduate training in the research group focusing on
nanotechnology and energy research

The University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule Emden/Leer is a driving force for the region and sets standards for innovative developments in the Northwest. It provides an excellent framework for application-oriented research, especially with the high-performance work groups at the Institute of Laser and Optics (ILO). As a dynamic, ever-growing university with a variety of research projects of international concern, the University Oldenburg offers space for curiosity and creativity. The concept of the university is to play an active role in innovation and information exchange with companies, associations, and public institutions in addition to supporting spin-offs.

The Graduate Training Group “Nano-energy Research” deals with the molecular fundamentals of energy-conversion processes in nanostructures. The individual Research projects have a highly interdisciplinary nature and bring both project managers/project leaders and doctoral students from physics, chemistry and biology together. The topics relate to fundamental problems of the conversion of light into electricity and/or chemical energy, the energy storage and the magneto- and chemoreception. The projects include the production of nanostructures, the microscopic elucidation of their structure and morphology, and the spectroscopic detection and characterization of energy conversion processes, specifically on ultra-short time scales. The graduate training program offers broad and interdisciplinary training in the relevant experimental and theoretical methods. We expect this to result in a deeper microscopic understanding of existing, physically and chemically relevant modeled systems, as well as simultaneously enabling the development of new conversion systems.

The Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture supports the Cooperative Research Training Group “Nanoenergy Research” at the University of Applied Sciences – HS Emden/Leer with a

Georg Lichtenberg PhD scholarship (3-year term) on
Artificial photosynthesis: Highly efficient light-harvesting complexes – Multispectral 4D characterization of the energy-transfer processes

Organic light-harvesting complexes convert light into chemical energy with very high quantum efficiency. This coupling of proteins and chromophores, for example in model complexes such as rhodopsin (receptor protein in the visual process), bacteriorhodopsin (bacterial photosynthesis) or chlorophyll, the electronic coupling between proteins and chromophores results in extremely high absorption coefficients of nearly 90% and a quantum efficiency of nearly 100%. The focus of this project is on the investigation of the relevant elementary processes by means of faster multi-confocal Raman microscopy and high temporal resolution optical spectroscopy.

The offer is open to master or diploma graduates/graduates in physics, chemistry, biology or related disciplines. Very high academic performance is required, as well as the desire to complete an interdisciplinary doctoral degree. Good English language skills are necessary, as the courses are given in English. The themes and projects, as well as detailed information are available on the Graduate School website (

The universities promote professional equality between women and men and are thus especially interested in receiving applications from interested women. Handicapped applicants will be given preference in case of equal qualifications and skills.

For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, HS Emden/Leer, Faculty of Technology, Institute for Laser & Optics, Tel.: +49 4921 807-1456, E-mail:

Please send your preferably electronic application for one of the open positions including usual documents (curriculum vitae, graduation results, job references), as well as an electronic copy of the final thesis of your studies (if available) no later than March 6th, 2015 to the following address:

University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule Emden/Leer
Human Resources Department
Constantiaplatz 4
26723 Emden
Hochschule Emden/Leer

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