PHD POSITION IN Chemical and Biological Engineering – Kaust – Saudi arabia

PHD POSITION IN Chemical and Biological Engineering

A PhD studentship position in synthetic polymer chemistry is currently available within the group of Professor Iain McCulloch at KAUST. The successful candidate will join an inter-disciplinary team working on the development of novel organic semiconducting materials. The available position will involve predominantly the synthesis of organic conjugated fused aromatic heterocycle semiconducting polymers and soluble small molecules. You will be expected to interact with fabrication and measurement collaborators, as well as undertake materials characterization.

You should have an MSci degree in Chemistry, with specific experience and understanding of state of the art metal mediated aromatic carbon – carbon coupling reactions of conjugated semiconducting polymers. The applicant should demonstrate experience in organic semiconductors for solar cell or transistor applications and specific synthetic experience of metal mediated polymerisations such as Suzuki and Stille reactions. Candidates should also demonstrate the ability to translate understanding of structure – property relationships of the charge transport behaviour of solution processed oligomers and polymers into the design of high performing organic semiconductors. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required, including the ability to interact with a wide range of people, deliver presentations and draft publication manuscripts.

The Chemical and Biological Engineering Program offers students opportunities to develop real-world solutions to global challenges by leveraging basic discoveries in chemical and biological sciences. These include the development of new processes for gas and liquid separations, water desalination, as well as the development of new materials for reducing greenhouse gases and remediating chemical and biological threats. Students in (CBE) may choose between two tracks: Advanced Chemical Engineering or Advanced Biological Engineering.



KAUST advances science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research integrated with graduate education. We are a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the world. We exist for the pursuit and advancement of scientific knowledge and its broad dissemination and benevolent application. We strive to enhance the welfare of society with a special focus on four areas of global significance – food, water, energy and the environment.

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