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PhD Single-atom transistors


Location Enschede
Function types PhD positions
Scientific fields Engineering
Hours 38.0 hours per week
Salary € 2174 – € 2779
Education University Graduate
Job number 820806

Job description

This proposal defines the starting point of a new research line focusing on the physics of individual atoms in the solid state. We will electronically address single ions in silicon solid-state devices, resulting in a scalable, near-isolated quantum system, as a result of the small hyperfine interaction in the silicon lattice. We aim at delivering single-dopant devices in Si nanostructures with so far unexplored elements, focusing on group III ions with different nuclear spins. The different ionization energies and spin numbers promise a rich spectrum of spin and orbital excitations.

We will fabricate single-atom transistors based on Si nanoMOSFETs with a few incorporated dopant atoms. The spin of the hole bound to the acceptor atom will be brought into resonance by oscillating magnetic fields. It is our goal to obtain long spin coherence times, expected in silicon devices. A scalable quantum system with long coherence times is promising for the fabrication of more complex quantum circuits, crucial for solid-state quantum information processing.

These pioneering experiments will push the state-of-the-art on control of single-atom transistors in silicon, and thus provide an excellent platform to study atomic physics in solid-state systems. The proposed research is now within reach thanks to the expertise present in the silicon quantum electronics team in Twente: quantum trans­port in Si nanostructures, single-dopant physics and the infrastructure in the cleanroom of MESA+, specifically the operational expertise to achieve single-ion implantation.


We are looking for a PhD who is a skilled experimentalist with a Master degree in (applied) physics or engine­ering. Experience with electron transport measurements, micro/nano fabrication and characterization techniques is con­side­red advantageous. Our favored candidates are creative and like to push boundaries. We expect the candidate to have excellent command of the English language as well as professional communication and presentation skills.

Conditions of employment

We offer a challenging PhD position in an inspiring multidisciplinary environment. As a PhD candidate you will be appointed in a full-time position for a period of 4 years at the University of Twente (UT). After one year a review of your work and progress will be scheduled. Then it will be decided whether the 4 years can be completed.

In accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities, a PhD salary starts at € 2.174,- gross per month in the first year and extends to a maximum of € 2.779,- gross per month in the fourth year. The Uni­ver­sity of Twente provides excellent facilities for professional and personal development, a holiday allowance (8%) and an end-of-year bonus (8.3%) and a number of additional benefits.


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