Research Training position in β-cell biology/ diabetes: β-cell regeneration therapy – Universitaet Bremen

Research Training position in β-cell biology/ diabetes: β-cell regeneration therapy

in Bremen


A Research Training position is available at the Centre of Biomolecular Interactions (CBIB) at the University of Bremen, Northern Germany, for a highly motivated student interested in beta-cell biology and the pathogenesis of beta-cell failure in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.


Qualification: Bachelor or Master in biology, pharmacy or related subject.

High motivation for translational research at the interface of cellular and molecular biology and physiology/ pathophysiology and mechanisms of disease and specific interest in islets, glucose homeostasis and diabetes.


The aim of CBIB is to foster interdisciplinary research addressing the fundamental mechanisms of molecular interactions, e.g in cellular communication, neuronal networks and in metabolism.

The islet research laboratory focuses on the understanding of the mechanisms of beta-cell failure and to establish novel therapies to foster beta-cell survival and function and their translation to preclinical studies.


The project aims to establish a robust tool for beta-cell regeneration and builds up on our previous publications (Ardestani et al., Nature Medicine 2014, Trends Endocrinol Metab. 2018, Cell Metab. 2018, Yuan et al. , JCI Insight. 2016).

It will involve cell culture techniques, protein and RNA isolation, immunocytochemistry, molecular cloning as well as mouse in vivo and ex vivo experiments.


Candidates will work in an interdisciplinary environment. This training can also be part of a master/ bachelor thesis. An extension toward PhD studies is possible.  The position is open from January 2019.

Applications including cover letter, curriculum vitae and details of three contactable referees should be sent as soon as possible via e-mail to kmaedler[at]

Applications will close once a suitable candidate has been selected.

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