Student Passenger Rights in RMV – ( TU Darmstadt, Semester Ticket )


What are the rights of passengers in railway?

Since July 2009, the passenger rights law, which improves the rights of passengers in case of delays or cancellations applies. Previously, students were with Semesterticket of some passenger rights, excluded on the grounds that the semester ticket represents a significantly reduced ticket. With the new semester ticket contract, which shall apply from the summer semester of 2011, now have the same rights as all other holders of season tickets trainees circulation.

Information on the various passenger rights can be found at the following links. Passenger rightspassenger rights in RMV

What about my bike?

Basically his bike, it is possible within the RMV take the public transport services. However, there is no right to entrainment. The individual carriers is the right of limited or even excluded bicycles reserved at certain times on certain routes. More information can be found on the sides of the RMV .

What compensation there for delays?

If you’re traveling with the semester ticket with the train, for a delay at the destination at least 60 minutes may be reimbursed for 1.50 euros. This is a fixed rate of refund applies to all season tickets in the RMV. Because the refund of such small amounts makes very little effort, the reimbursement is paid only from 4 euros. However, within the validity period of the ticket compensation cases can be collected and then paid together.

Can use the InterCity I also, when the regional train is delayed?

For an expected delay of at least 20 minutes at the destination, a train of long-distance transport (IC, EC, ICE) may be used. It is important that it is not a train, reservation required, (eg ICE Sprinter) is. But we should not just get in and ride in the long-distance train, but must buy an appropriate one way for long-distance transport. This can be solved in the long-distance traffic also from the conductor. The cost of the trip can be claimed subsequently.

When driving at night no more train?

Is expected that the train with a scheduled arrival zwischen 0.00 und 5.00 clock has a delay of at least 60 minutes, taxi costs to a maximum of 80 euros can be made. This regulation also applies in case of failure of the last scheduled train of the day, if otherwise, the destination can not be reached before 24 clock. However, before you get into a taxi, provided replacement services (eg emergency bus) are initially possibly use.

Where do I get the refund form?

The form for reimbursement takes her online as a PDF document on the page or in the RMV RMV Mobility Centres.

Is there a compensation if the bus or the tram is delayed?

The rules above apply only to the S-Bahn and railway traffic. For U-Bahn, trams and buses in the city of Frankfurt, the city and the district of Offenbach, the city and the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg there is the 10-minute guarantee. For delays of more than 10 minutes, you get an allowance of 50 cents per trip. After 21 clock also taxi cost up to € 15 can optionally be refunded.It should be noted that the 10-minute guarantee is a voluntary service, so that delays due to force majeure (eg strikes, storms) are excluded from the refund. The application for refund can be made online. After the application has been reviewed and approved, you can pick up the money within three months in one of the RMV Mobility Centres.

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