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The University of Bremen, a mid-sized university with approximately 250 professorships and 20,000 students, offers a broad range of disciplines and competes internationally in top-level research. With an ambitious institutional strategy the university was successful in the German Excellence Initiative as one of eleven universities in Germany.

Funded from the Excellence Initiative and from its Central Research Development Fund, the University of Bremen invites postdoctoral researchers to apply for up to eleven

Postdoctoral Positions

with self-designed projects in the natural sciences and engineering as well as in the humanities and social sciences. In principle, the positions could be established in any research area and shall enable the fellows to conduct an independent research project. Nevertheless, the integration in an academic unit at the University of Bremen is fundamental for an application.

Early career postdoctoral researchers (up to one and a half years after having been awarded their doctorate) are invited to apply for a temporary position for up to two years. Fellows will be enabled to develop an independent research project and to write an application for subsequent third-party funding.

For advanced postdoctoral researchers (one to four years after having received their doctorate), the university offers positions for up to four years to conduct independent research. With only a minimum of teaching requirements, these positions allow to carry out ambitious international research projects.

Postdoctoral fellows will receive a competitive salary (pay grade E 13 TV-L or up to E 14 TV-L for advanced researchers) plus expenses for various activities, such as conference and workshop participation and/or organization, field research (in Germany or abroad) and publication costs. The University offers an academic environment which ensures that fellows enjoy extensive support. The University of Bremen is an equal-opportunity employer. Thus, at least 50 percent of the positions will be offered to women.

Applicants are expected to have a doctoral degree, a strong research background with a significant publication record and an excellent individual research project (advanced postdoctoral researchers) or project idea (early career postdoctoral researchers). Applications must be accompanied by a declaration of the Bremen University Professor who will host the project.

Applications must be submitted online by 1 April 2015. For further information and the online application form, please visit the website below:

Applications from female candidates, international applica­tions and applications of academics with a migration background are explicitly welcome. Disabled persons with the same professional and personal qualifications will be given preference.

University of Bremen, P.O. Box 330 440, D-28334 Bremen


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