Family Reunion – Pakistan – General info for all to avoid mistakes

Abdul Majid Malik <majid.malik[@]>;
Dear Members Assalam-o-Alaikum,
I am writing this email to let members know few things about family reunion and some mistakes which must be avoided. If some friend is going to get married  in Pakistan, please tell him/her about these issues. Simple looking mistakes can cause big trouble and delay later in family reunion.
About Nikah Registration:
Registration of Nikah involves three people:  Nikah Khawan, Nikah Registrar  and Union council. UC gives a register with 50 leaves to Nikah-Registrar. Each leave contains Nikah Nama ” Form II” in quadruplicate. In one UC , only a single Registrar can have the register.  In usual case, Nikah Khawan goes to Registrar(if he is himself not a registrar) and gets a Nikah nama Form II (which has fours copies). One copy each (filled and signed) is given to  Duhla, Dulhan,Registrar and UC.
1. Take care that Nikah is registered at the same Union Council where Nikah has taken place .Address written on filled Nikahnama should be in the UC where Nikah is registered.  Any thing different to this created big problem for many ,especially those who did Nikha in a Marriage Hall and brought Molvi sahib from some other UC. If you made this mistake, count a delay of at least 3 months. Embassy will raise objection as the lawyer sent for Marriage verification would like to see your Nikah registered at the same UC as address written on Nikahnama. You may be to asked to change registration of your marriage from one UC to other through a court procedure in Pakistan.
2. Please closely check all the four copies of the filled Nikah-Nama for any mistake in names, ID card nr., date of birth etc. Check that all signatures are there at right place and stamp of Nikah-Registrar is present. Many take things lightly in Pakistan while filling forms.
3. Telephonic Nikah is big no no. You must be present there as German Embassy/consulate now checks it from entry and exit stamps on your passport. If there are some unavoidable circumstances, give a written power of attorney which has legal value i.e signed in front of Notary Public/judge or from Pakistani embassy/consulate (in case they deal with it) to your father to represent you during Nikah.  Better be present there. Your absence will complicate the matters and hence the delay/rejection as a consequence.
4.  Carefully read the requirements of Embassy for Family reunion. If any question arises, call embassy to get an answer. Don’t rely blindly on the info collected from here and there.
5. Some people I talked to have made mistake while getting online appointment. You mad a mistake in name, passport number or email address than most probably you will not be able to submit documents on that day. In my experience, if you decide to take an appointment for family reunion, you normally get it after 4 to 6 weeks. So missing an appointment can be source of further delay.6. The interview by lawyer or at embassy may involve basic questions from your spouse about you. Newly married; make sure he/she has all the basic info about you.

7. Spouse of a Blue Card holder is exempted from providing A-1 German language certificate. About this, don’t believe on what they say on phone :). If your spouse can’t manage to do a language course in Pakistan, present following reference of the concerned Law  as proof on your appointment day:

8. In some cities, there were cases when Ausländerbehorde(ABH) objected that the spouse in Germany is passing through the probation period of job.  In some cities ,they ask for salary slips of 6 months while in others only for 3 months or just a job contract. Talk to other Pakistanis/Indians who have experience of dealing with the same ABH  so that you can proceed accordingly.

Please correct if I am wrong on any account. The info is based on posts of members on this forum, experiences of acquaintances and my personal experience.

If you know some other issues which you or someone known to you faced, kindly share on this forum. This will facilitate others in their family reunion.


  • Syed Ans Bin Khalid

    What is the procedure to change Nikah Nama from one UC to another ??? Can anybody please guide me.

    • Muhammad

      Dear Ans, you would have to file a suit for declaration in the Family court. it’ll get registered at the union council concerned through a courts order. But, I have a question? why do you want to do this? Did, you already get objection from the embassy? If, transfer of the nikkah nama has been told to you by the lawyer, then don’t do anything. Wait for the response from the embassy. Otherwise, if its an embassy call, then there is no way to escape.

      • Syed Ans Bin Khalid

        No i have not yet applied… Appointment is on 25th Jan.. But I heared the case of two people in which embassy raised the issue… so I though if I can make the correction beforehand. My wife already had visa issued on the same Nikah from Saudi Arabia .. it is also attested from Saudi Embassy … so should I change it before visa interview or ask my wife to appear for interview with same Nikah Nama ?? If suppose I have to change it then how much time is takes ??

        • Muhammad

          Well! I would say, do not change it. Because, at the moment, you do not have reasons to change it. I mean, you do not have any written proof or a valid document stating that it should be changed. Otherwise doing so, will make your documents even more doubtful.

          My wife was also asked by the lawyer to transfer the nikkah nama from UC-A to UC-B. But it was all verbal communication. And, only a way of getting bride money. We waited for the response from the embassy. However, the embassy didn’t raise any objection. Her visa got approved.

          Iff, you get objection from the embassy then the process might take up to 3 months. But, in some cases it may also take one month. it depends how well UC co-operates with you guys.

  • Sarah

    I just wanted to ask I have applied for a spouse visa in Dec and yesterday the lawyer came to my mothers house and had my birth certificate and nikkah nama which he was going to verify I asked him how long is the process now and he said 5 to 6 months is it true because from all the post above I had a impression that it was 4 to 5 weeks after the lawyers visit

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