Undergraduate Studies in Germany and FAQ

Many students are posting questions related Undergraduate Studies in Germany following is some information regarding that i hope it will answer your questions.


The first step is to choose your program, following websites are helpful for this purpose:






The second step is to choose your medium of study or language of your course. Note 90% programs in Germany are in German at Bachelor level.There are some programs in English also but most of the time they are offered by private university with high tution fee.



The third step is whether to attend “Studienkolleg” or not, if you are A level student than there is no need to attend “Studienkolleg” for you but if you are F.Sc student (Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICs) you need to attend “Studienkolleg” because our F.Sc is not recognized there.                                                                                              


                                       What Is “Studienkolleg” 


If your high school certificate is not sufficient to allow you to study in a German undergraduate programme, you have the possibility to take a one-year course at a Studienkolleg at the end of which you take an aptitude test [Feststellungsprüfung]. With this qualification you can apply for a place in an undergraduate degree programme. The Studienkolleg offers different courses and you should choose a course that prepares you for the degree programme you intend to study:


T-course: for the degree programmes Architecture, Construction, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Mineralogy, Wood Science

W-course: for the degree programmes Economics and Business Administration, Law and Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Psychology

M-course: for the degree programmes Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Psychology, Sport, Forestry and Agricultural Sciences, Anthropology

G-course: for the degree programmes German, History, Art, Philosophy, Legal Studies, Education and Politics, Theology, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Geography


In short a “Studienkolleg” is a 1 year preparatory course,it must be done to equal your High School leaving Certificate with German “Abitur”. 


You can find more information in following website.http://www.studienkollegs.de/en/


The fourth step is to attain specific language requirement, the details are given as follow:                                                 




Minimum Level B2 is required from Goethe Institute Karachi or Lahore, for appyling in German universities at Undergraduate level. Following are the links of Goethe Institute Lahore and Karachi.







Ielts is required with minimum 6.0 Band.




If you are applying for Bachelors after Intermediate than whether your desired course in Germany is in English however you must attend Studienkolleg which is entirely in German language for that you must have at least B2 certificate from Goethe.


  • FAQs About Undergraduate Studies in Germany

                   In the name of Allah Who is most Gracious & Merciful


    There are still some confusions related Undergraduate Studies in Germany, following are some answers i hope they will clear those confusions.




    Q.2 Does the process of getting admission in German university is same for Intermediate and A-Level students?

    No the process is not same Intermediate students have to attend a one year preparatory course which is called Studienkolleg. As far as A-level students are concerned they can take admission directly in the university.


    Q.3 Is it must to learn a German Language for getting admission in German university?

    For Intermediate Students yes it is must, you guys have no other option, because for getting admission in Studienkolleg you need German language because lectures are delivered in German at Studienkollegs. As far as A-level students are concerned they need German only when there course is in German.


    Q.4 How much German language should i need for getting admission in Studienkolleg(Intermediate students) or in a (University A-level students only)?

    For getting admission in Studienkolleg you need to learn German minimum till B1 level. For A-level students, for getting admission directly in the university you need to pass DSH or TestDaf as per university requirement only if your course is in german otherwise you have to take Ielts.


    Q.5 What is B1 level?

    B1 is the third level from 6 levels of German Language respected to the European Language framework. When you passed the B1 level you can understand,speak and write daily life German.


    Q.6 From where i can learn German till B1?

    In Pakistan, Goethe Institute is working in the two big cities Karachi and Lahore. Goethe Institute is a official Institute for teaching and spreading German Language all over the world, it is recognized by German Government and DAAD. It is the most authentic institue for learning German all over the world. You can learn German till B1 level from there. Following are the links of Goethe Institute Lahore and Karachi.





    Q.7 How much time is required for learning German till B1 level?

    Well it is entirely depend upon you how fast you learn but for every student minimum 7-8 months are required.


    Q.8 I dont belong to Lahore or Karachi now what to do, can i learn german from any other institute?

    Bro there is a old saying Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona parta he, i know it is very difficult to leave your hometown and live in an other city but if you want to save your money and your precious time and really want to learn something then it is my suggestion go and learn German from Goethe i know some people will disagree from me but i my self learning German i know NUML and some other institutes but frankely they are shit as compared to Goethe. I am not publiciting Goethe, all i am trying to do is saving you because B1 is not a childs play you have to dedicate your self completely into German Language and you should know the paper pattern as paper of B1 is conducted by Goethe than Goethe is the right place to study German.


    Q.9 How much money i need to learn German till B1 level?

    Well fee schedule is changing time to time but now a days the total cost till B1 including A1 and A2 is 60,000 at Goethe.


    Q.10 Is German difficult?

    Well that depends upon you, how you are taking it. Obviously you are going to learn a language which is completely strange to you than in the beginning you will find it difficult but it is my personel experience gradually with your motivation and hardwork you will get into it remember you are not the first person that is learning German. Till today hundereds of Pakistani students like you studying in Germany at undergradutae level and at Master level so you can also do it keep your dream alive thats is the key to success.


    Q.11 After doing B1 when to apply in the Studienkolleg?

    You can not apply to the studienkolleg directly you must apply to the university and the university will directly refer to you to there respective studienkolleg. Now the admissions in studienkolleg are remained open all year but still there are some dead lines which are as follow.



    From April till July


    From October till January


    Q.12 How much money do i need to study in Germany?

    Now this is a very common question. Education is free in Germany but still you need to pay semester contribution and semester ticket and naturally for the health insurance and for your living expenses. Right now this cost is approximately 400 Euros per month but remember this cost is subjected to change and varies from city to city.


    Q.13 I have heared of some Bank Statement what is that?

    Yes this is true you need a Bank statement for your VISA. Basically this statement is the statement of the Block account of Deutsche Bank which you need to open before going into Embassy. This statement shows your Bank balance.


    Q.14 How much money do i need to deposit in my Block Account?

    Right now it is approximately 8,100 Euros but this may change time to time. Yes this is a lot sum of money but dont worry you have to show this only one time for one year.


    Q.15 I dont have this much money is there any other way like some Scholarship?

    Unfortunately no Scholarship is given to the students who want to persue their Bachelor in Germany but i have heared of some other way like sponorship you can search for it or ask for it in the Group.


    Q.16 Can i do a job in Germany while studying at Studienkolleg or at undergraduate level?

    Yes you can do a part time odd job while studying but remember you are in Germany for studying not for earning Euros. You are allowed to work 120 full days and 240 half days in a year but i am warning you again you are doing job only for cover up your monthly expenses not for sending Euros to your home because this will effect on your studies.


    For StudienKolleg:

    Regulations are particularly strict for participants in language courses or in preparatory courses (“Studienkolleg”). You may only work in lecture-free periods and only with the consent of the Federal Employment Agency and the foreigners’ authority.


    Q.17 Can a odd job cover up my monthly expenses or how much can i earn in a month?

    You can easily earn 400 to 500 euros in a month from a odd job and this is enough for your monthly expenses dont be greedy and focus on your studies because your main target is to study.


    Q.18 I have received confirmation of admission from my university, is that all, is my admission is confirmed in studienkolleg?

    Not at all, yes this is true ,you have only received a invitation from your university to come in Germany and take a Entrance test which is called Aufnahme.Aufnahme test is the test of your German skills. If you are going for Engineering ,Natural Science or for Bussiness studies then along with your German skills your Mathematics will also be tested sometime they are also taking oral tests for Physics and Chemistry but this is entirely dependent on your Studienkolleg.


    Q.19 Is Aufnahme Difficult?

    Yes it is but dont be afraid you are required to get only 60% marks for getting admission. But sometimes your admission is determined by a merit list. So my friend you have to work really hard for passing the Aufnahme.


    Q.20 What happens if i failed the Aufnahme?

     Yes this could happen,many students could not pass the Aufnahme in first attempt, but dont worry bro you will not sent back to Pakistan. You can take admission in Language Course or there are also some preparatory classes which will prepare you for the Aufnahme and after some months Inshallah you will pass it because it is not that difficult you can do it and Inshallah you will do it.


    Q.20 Why some students could not pass the Aufnahme in the first attempt?

    In the Aufnahme test which is completely in German Language, the level of German language is B2 and ofcourse Mathematics portion of the test is also in German and the students know German tilll B1 level so sometimes its get difficult.


    Q.21 What is the process after passing Aufnahme?

    You will get admission in Studienkolleg. You will study for 1 year and after that you will give your last test which is called Festellungsprüfung. After passing Festellungsprüfung you can get admission in any University of the Germany you     want yes any :).



    Studying in Germany at Undergraduate level is a long tough journey especially for Intermediate students but you need to beleif on ALLAH and yourself and IA you will make it. KEEP YOUR DREAM ALIVE!!!



    The information in this document is according to my experience and my knowledge.There could be some Errors if you found one than plz inform me.   


  • Imran Shahzad

    But most consultants in Pakistan says that during Studienkolleg part time work is totally not allowed.
    Please give me the right criteria of Studienkolleg.Thanks

    • I am sorry , i have corrected the information.
      Regulations are particularly strict for participants in language courses or in preparatory courses (“Studienkolleg”). You may only work in lecture-free periods and only with the consent of the Federal Employment Agency and the foreigners’ authority.

  • Ishfaq Ali Shah

    thankyou for explaining it so well .. thanks alot .

  • adi

    dear admin, I have got conditional admission letter from german university. and the course is only available in german language. I don’t have any german language skill. I got 5.5 band in ielts.
    I have got admission in f+u academy of language Heidelberg for german language upto c1 level. Will I be able to get visa for Germany without any issues because of german language or low score in ielts? I have already completed all other formilities like insurrence and blocked account in german bank.

    • Hey ,

      Congrats on the admission. usually 6 bands are required if your course is going to be in Englisch. If you wish to apply for german language first , you need to apply for german language visa and make sure you mention that you would like to extend your stay for the course you wish to enroll after your german course is finished.

      Good luck.

  • adi

    thanks admin, for replying. I want to know that german embassy or my university will ask me about better ielts score or german language proficiency? or will I be rejected for visa because of this?
    kind regards.

  • adi

    note:- my course is only available in german language. and my admission letter from university clearly stat that I will be first admitted to german language course starting from A1 level. What are my chances of getting visa?

  • Hussain

    Dear sir

    After completing my Studienkolleg, I wish to apply for bachelors in English. So do i need to give ielts in germany

  • Hussain

    Dear sir

    After completing my Studienkolleg, I wish to apply for bachelors in English. So do i need to give ielts in germany?

  • Abdullah

    AoA admin!
    It was a very good explanation you gave here. I have one question and would really appreciate if you could answer that soon:
    I have completed my matric with 95% marks. Now I’m confused as to whether I should go for A levels or FSC. I haven’t done O levels, but will it be covered if I pursue a levels? You know I’m concerned because before university for inter students, there is 1 year studienkolleg along with German language course. Please help

  • Usman

    Hello Sir can u please tell me that the German universities doesnot recognize our fsc but for the admission in studienkolleg will they observe our marks in fsc.

  • Abdul Basit

    I’m an A’level student and looking forward to apply for bachelors in Germany. My question is that our result comes in the mid of august and the deadline for winter semester ends in mid july. The courses I want to study in Germany are only available for winter semester. So do I have to wait for a whole year to apply for German university or is there any other way out possible?

    • Sarah

      I have the same query as your. Can you tell me what did you do? i mean did you waited for another year to pass or you got some other solution?

    • Sarah

      I have the same query as yours. Can you tell me what did you do? i mean did you waited for another year to pass or you got some other solution?

      • Yes, one has to wait for the next intake. If its offered in Summer semester then it’s better. Else 1 year in next winter semester.

  • Insha

    Salam iam germany nationality holder but have completed my fsc in pakistan and have also little bit language problem so what are the rules for me? can someone please tell me

  • Well , naturally if you want to study a course which is offered in German , you would need German language. Also your FSC does not qualify for Bachelors admissions , so the same rules apply!..

    The only difference would be for your visa. that you wont need!

  • zain

    Hi admin , You work very well and this is very informative for specially me
    i have a question from you
    what is Studienkolleg?
    and how we get enroll from pakistan
    we will go to germany for Studienkolleg course?
    any addition information about Studienkolleg because iam very confused about Studienkolleg.

  • Tamur asghar

    Dear admin
    I have done my fsc in pakistan now i want to take addmisssion in german university. I ‘m already german national . I born in germany and i have german passport .so i have to attend studienkolleg or not

  • muhammad ahmed

    Dear admin…please guide me i have completed DAE in electrical after matriculation it is equal to fsc engineering please tell that i am capable to study in germany or not ?

  • Ata rehman

    Do intermediates have to do ielts 6.0 and german language level b2 both?

  • Aqran Azmat

    Dear Admin,
    I have done first my GCE O levels certificate in 3 years like C1,C2,C3. Then now I did Intermediate of commerce, so now do I need to attend the school there before admission in university? Though I have 13 years of qualification now.

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