4,95€ mtl. , o2 Flat, Landline Flat, Highspeed Datenvolumen (300 MB) + Free Mobile Phone

o2Samsung Galaxy Young S6312 DUOS – worth € 80.00

mobilcom debitel Flat M Internet Special 4.95

  • Flat on ger O2 mobile network and to landline
  • High speed data (300 MB)
There you incur the following costs per contract:
Monthly fee: € 24.95
Mtl discount by the network operator: € 20.00
Effective monthly. Fixed costs: € 4.95 (in the first 24 months, then € 24.95)
Connection Price: € 29.90
will be refunded via SMS (network operator) “AP frei” in 8362
Minutes Prices: from 0 Ct. max. 29 Ct.
(depending on time of day and network except special numbers)
Minimum contract period: 24 months (Cancellation period: 3 months)



For the accuracy of the data displayed germanystudy.net assumes no responsibility.

If there are any extra services activated on your contract , make sure to tell http://www.mobilcom-debitel.de/ to delete those.  If you dont cacel your contract after 24 months ( three months before , it automatically gets extended).

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Procedure to order:

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