Call a Bike – BiCycle Renting System for TU Darmstadt Students (Free for 1 Hour – Max 9euro/day)

Bicycle rental system Call a Bike

From the 14th April 2014 you can the Leihfahrradsystem Bike Call a  the Deutsche Bahn toconcessional terms to use .  Starting this day are initially 105 wheels at 6 rental locations fordisposal . Additional  stations are in  planning and  approval phase , where we on the support of the city and the student union instructed are .  The rental system is similar to the semester ticket in and the Germany-wide in all  cities , in which Call-a-bikes   can be found . Prolonged use fall at low cost. More information can be found here on the site.


The sequence

The  Call-a-bikes can often borrow her any for up to 60 minutes without you for a cost. If your ride even longer than an hour, 0.08 EUR are from the 61st minute per minute calculated (max. 9.00 EUR per day). Since the average temporary agency workers in Germany to Call a Bike far less, this information is likely to have only theoretical relevance. About your account you can by the way up to three wheels simultaneously borrow free of charge and therefore also be shared with friends and acquaintances on the bike go.

Cross-use in other cities

Call a Bike is you not only in Darmstadt available. Across Germany, you can also borrow the wheels of Deutsche Bahn for free in more than 50 cities. City-wide systems can be found in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Marburg, Munich, Rüsselsheim, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden and Kassel (under the name KonRad) and in Hamburg and Lüneburg (under the name StadtRad).Furthermore, you also stand at over 40 train-stations throughout Germany Call a Bikes for borrowing Hamburg and Lüneburg is the free loan to 30 minutes limited . From the 31 Minute areyou in Hamburg and Lüneburg  0.08 EUR per minute calculated (max. 9.00 EUR per day).


The financing of  Call a Bike is done in solidarity for the semester ticket contribution. In the summer semester 2014, the Call a Bike Post to 1.66 EUR per student, from winter semester 2014/15 amounts, the contribution until the contract expires (expiration winter semester 2016/17) constant at 2.38 EUR per student and semester. The contract was negotiated with universities to Rhein Main and Marburg.

Station network

In Darmstadt, you can currently borrow at 7 stations bikes and return. All stations are marked by a sign and / or a stele, so you can find them easily. You are

    • am Hauptbahnhof,
    • in der Hochschulstraße,
    • an Mensa Stadtmitte
    • an der Mensa Lichtwiese
    • ​am Hochschulstadion
    • ​in der Holzhofallee.

A further 11 stations have been applied for in the urbanization of us. Unfortunately we do not have the city of Darmstadt and the student union not yet issued the necessary permits for the construction of surface stations to this day.  soon us the permits are present , are the stationsimmediately erected and A detailed overview Found in the Call a Bike App and offered by the DB here .


If you do not have a customer account with Call a Bike yet, you can register with your student email address  exclusively via the  link to the use of Call a Bike Register. Note: The use of student e-mail address during the registration process is absolutely essential, as it identifies you as a student / r of the TU Darmstadt.

->  Registration for students of the Technical University of Darmstadt

If you, however be a registered user to Call a Bike, please write about your student email address  a message to  and request stating your name and your customer number the change in the tariff “student council TU Darmstadt”. Once you have received a confirmation email from DB Rent, you can go to the special conditions listed above.

Borrowing, driving break and return


Option 1: You call the red-framed phone number (069/427277xxxx) on the frame of the  Call-a-bike  on. After you receive the four-digit opening code on the hotline, you give them a on the display under the lock cover. Clicking the lock opens, then you can pull out the locking bolt, fix it to the frame and pull out.

Option 2: You invite you down the “Call a Bike” app for Android or iPhone. Choose in the app toCall a Bike from which you want to borrow and tap the wheel opening the four-digit code on the display under the lock cover. Clicking the lock opens, then you can pull out the locking bolt, fix it to the frame and pull out.

iPhone Android BlackBerry

Break from driving

If you want to make a short stopover while driving, for example, short grocery shopping, you can use the Call a Bike enable a break from driving. Cap the wheel with the locking bar and press the side lock button to lock. The appearing on the display question “break from driving?” answer “Yes”. The bike is then completed and, while you will complete your errands at the grocery store, be borrowed by any other person. Upon completion of purchase you can use the wheel with the four-digit opening code, which you have borrowed the wheel to unlock again and continue your journey. Note: During the break from driving the free minutes are counted.


If you want to finish your ride, your agency Call a Bike easy at any station from, Latch the lock and push the lock button. The appearing on the display question “break from driving?” answer “No”. The return of your bicycle is complete. Note that the return of the Call-a-bike must always be at a station. If the return of Call a bike outside a station, service charges are calculated in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

DB Rent is ISO certified and adheres strictly to the Federal Data Protection Act. Any personal data that is collected during registration by you, will only be used the handling of customer relationship. A transfer of data to third parties. DB Rent create mobility profiles. Any use your student email address for promotional purposes (newsletters, sweepstakes, etc.) occurs only if you have explicitly agreed to when you registered.

e-Call a Bike

In Stuttgart and Aachen DB Rent offers in addition to the conventional wheels also for e-bikes for borrowing at. Note that the e-bikes for students at the TU Darmstadt are not free entleihbar.In Stuttgart fall from the 1st minute 0.12 EUR per minute (max. 16.50 EUR per day). In Aachen, 0.12 EUR are from the first minute also calculated (max. 10.00 EUR for four hours max. 16.50 EUR per day).


source: Asta tu d



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