Cell Phones and Private Videos = Please watch and share as much as possible

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Increase of camera phones – that are available at very low prices now – coupled with lack of awareness is landing our youth in serious troubles. Especially the girls, who easily allow their friends to record their videos, at times the private moments, and ultimately they end up with situation they never had imagined.

We did a post in past, telling the girls to not to allow anyone – be it your friend, cousin or anyone other than your native family – to take your pictures or record your videos. Don’t let anyone – i mean anyone, even your fiancé or husband – to record your private moments.

Same applies for MMS, never ever send anyone your private pictures or videos.

If not followed, this can be disastrous. Reason: Even deleted videos from your phone can be retrieved and may land into wrong hands.

Make it a rule, not to allow anyone to record your private moments. And follow it strictly, even at the cost of your relations.

We need to aware our family and friends, especially those living in rural areas. Though it might not be appropriate – or we may not be at ease – to tell them all this directly, but a good option is to email them with links to such articles that explain the destruction of private videos and they will read the consequences themselves.

ARY News recently did a show, inviting a girl who is being blackmailed by his friend over a video and she has to obey all his evils. Plus a father whose daughter committed suicide for same reasons.

Watch this video yourself and share with your family and friend:

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