Database Programmer with PHP programming skills | 450 Euro Based JOB

Industry: Wholesale
Job title: Database Programmer with PHP programming skills
Location: Ortsstr. 23, smooth stream, 64678 Lindenfels
Type of employment: 450-euro-based (marginal employment)
Remuneration: on an hourly basis or project-specific basis
Start of employment:
Duration of employment: by appointment
Job Description: Database Programmer with PHP programming skills (Computer / Programmer PHP / MySQL) searched for web project on temporary or hourly basis. 


Job: 64678 Linde Rock – Straight Bach

Start of activity: from now

Conditions of the job offer :

Office Hours: The office is either in part / full time, on an hourly basisare exercised or project-specific basis.

Compensation and benefits: on Stundenba s is or project-specific basis



Requirements to applicant / the applicant

Knowledge and skills: basic skills, advanced skills, expert knowledge



Uprooted f :  Advanced knowledge

Layout:  Advanced knowledge

MySQL Database : Advanced knowledge

Digital image processing: Advanced knowledge

Programming PH P: Advanced knowledge

Web design: Advanced knowledge

Screen design: Advanced knowledge

Personal strengths of creativity, ability to work independently, motivation / commitment, reliability, teamwork

Required Vehicle: mobility required

Inquiries and applications to : Mr. Frederick Epple


Friedrich Epple GmbH

Ortsstr. 23

64678 Lindenfels-Glattbach, Odenwald

Tel. 06255-300-30 oder 14 oder 39


Emailfriedrich.epple [at]

Application period: from now


Desired application styles by email


Required equipment CV, certificates



Company: Friedrich Epple GmbH
Contact: Mr. Friedrich Epple
Address: Ortsstraße 23 
64678 Linde rock Glattbach
Phone: +49 06255 30030
Fax: 06255-30019
E-mail: friedrich.epple [at]

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