Deutsche bahn Driver’s announces new strike

Announced strike at Deutsche Bahn

The union GDL announced strikes at DB AG on Wednesday. On the timing and duration were not disclosed. The GDL will but the strike “give notice”. We know as soon as more information becomes available.

Regional trains private transport companies – such as the Hessian web or VIAS – are not on strike.

From the announced strike likely to be affected even to a greater extent regional trains and suburban trains in the RMV.

Please inform

Passengers are advised to check before departure of the possible strike impact. Since the union sets only very limited open their strike strategy, forecasts are limited.

Deliver the latest information around the clock:

  • Current traffic information
    about the individual lines in Hesse, visit
  • Current arrival and departure times
  • Service Number of the DB AG
    (01806) 99 66 33 (fixed price 20 ct / call;.. cell phone price max 60 ct / call.)
  • RMV Service Telephone
    (069) 24 24 80 24
  • local radio stations

Affected railway lines effected in Hessen RMV

The following lines in the RMV be wholly or partly operated by DB AG, so it could come there in the event of a strike to delays and cancellations:

  • S-Bahn lines S1 to S9
  • RMV line 20 (Taunus route)
  • RMV line 25 (Lahntalbahn)
    Operator: Regional Express trains (RE) – DB AG; Regional trains (RB) – Hessian (HLB)
  • RMV line 30 (Main-Weser Railway)
    Operator: DB AG and Hessian (HLB)
  • RMV-line 30/33 (casting – Nidderau – Hanau)
  • RMV line 34 (Niddertalbahn)
  • RMV line 40 (Frankfurt – Casting – Dillenburg)
    Operator: DB AG and Hessian train on the pitch line of the Main-Lahn-Sieg-Express’
  • RMV line 42 (Castle Forest Railway)
  • RMV line 43 (Upper Lahntalbahn)
  • RMV line 50 (Kinzig Valley Railway)
  • RMV line 53 (Schlüchtern – Gemünden)
  • RMV line 55 (Frankfurt – Hanau – Aschaffenburg – Würzburg)
  • RMV line 60 (Main-Neckar-Bahn)
  • RMV line 61 (Dreieich train)
  • RMV line 70 (Riedbahn)
  • RMV line 75 (Wiesbaden – Darmstadt – Aschaffenburg)
  • RMV line 80 (Frankfurt – Mainz – Koblenz / Saarbrücken)
    Operator: DB AG and vlexx

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