Do’s and Dont’s in Germany

Shake hands in greeting, image: Britta Simon.jpgGerman manners, etiquette also called, are not for outsiders to realize more immediate. Therefore, it is helpful to give them some attention.


Proper behavior opens doors


“Manners are part of the culture of each country. They are not rigid rules, but rather reflect the behavior of the people against each other, “says Andreas Weinzierl, who worked for many years as an independent consultant etiquette and image coach. Etiquette is so in? “In our country, the manners have evolved under the influence of social change.” For us this means: If someone today to welcome a bow, curtsy, or give a lady a kiss would have irritated his opponent pretty well. A hundred years ago it looked very different.

 Shake hands in greeting, image: Britta Simon.jpg

Kindness, respect, courtesy and punctuality are loud Weinzierl the most important characteristics. If you own this, it’s pretty easy to find as a guest in Germany cope. If there is still time to a misunderstanding, the expert advice: “You should apologize briefly for his misbehavior.Under no circumstances should you start a big discussion about it. It’s best to just ask someone what would have been in this situation the correct behavior and the matter has been settled for the future. ”


Punctuality and general issues


So you can get around in everyday blunders we have at this point prepared a short list of important do’s and don’ts for everyday life:




+ Outside the circle of friends is that “you” is used. Only students with each other using the “you”

– A combination of “you” is not common with the first name, the same for “you” is with surname



+ The greeting is a handshake.

– Hugs and kisses on the cheek are used in the most close friends

+ In conversations direct eye contact is needed. Dodge is quickly perceived as rude




+ German are generally more cautious and reluctant to talk about private matters. Choose rather only general topics such as work or study.

– Refrain from topics such as politics and religion. The question: “How much money do you make?” is not common and is answered by most very evasive

+ Be polite, but do not overdo. Too many compliments can be intrusive.




+ Be on time! You be late or you can not meet the deadline, you should communicate this early enough and say personally or by telephone notification.

+ Everyone pays what he ate or drank themselves can invite someone, especially in females, are misunderstood quickly.



+ In a pub or restaurant you can you usually select the table itself

+ The bill will be paid directly at the table during the operation. Tipping is customary, but do not overdo it please. Round up of the amount is enough.

– Credit cards in Germany is very rare. ‘d Rather have cash with you so that you do not end up have to wash dishes

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