Engineering Required

Type of employment: Full-time
Start of employment:
Duration of employment: by appointment
Job Description: High-tech spin-off engineers examined 2 & 1 Business Informatics / industrial engineering / business administration for EXIST research transfer start-up projects in the field of thermo-physical metrologyAre you

  • Engineer (s) in the field of geotechnical engineering / geosciencesor of Electrical Engineering and have sound knowledge of FEM modeling, electronics, electrical and instrumentation?
  • or you come from the field of computer science business / industrial engineering / economics and have business skills?

Then contact Mr. Stegner.

Description of the start-up project

Object through establishing the company is the development and distribution of thermo-physical instruments and services for measuring, evaluating, planning and optimization of heating and current-carrying capacity of underground cable routes.

Motivation for founding / rights

As part of the research work at the Department of Applied geothermal TU Darmstadt metrological equipment for the study of thermo-physical and hydraulic properties of soils have been developed and applied by the TU Darmstadt for a patent under highly variable temperature and water content conditions. Such conditions occur in the area of ​​underground power cables and influence because of its effect on the heating of the cable significantly their capacity for power transmission.

Therefore carried out in further research in collaboration with a major energy company, the investigation of the power transmission capability of underground cables. Work included in addition to the thermophysical Kabelbettungsmaterialien investigation of the structure and operation of a unique test site for underground medium and low voltage cables at the TU Darmstadt. In collaboration with the construction industry more projects were carried out including for the development of thermoelectric physically optimized Kabelbettungsmaterialien.

Business perspective

Basis of the experience in the research and projects with industry-depth experience / know-how, and against the background of the developed Messgerätedemonstratoren and existing patent applications, Mr. sought Stegner with support from HIGHEST (Competence Center of the TU Darmstadt for knowledge-and technology-based start) the technology within the EXIST research transfer program consistently develop. The technology to be used within the company to be established to advise such as major energy companies to Kabeltrassenbau and marketed commercially in the form of instruments for the assessment, planning, and computational optimization of cable trays.

What we offer

Would you like to participate as co-founder of the development of a forward-looking technology and be part of an innovative start-up project and thereby actively participate in your own work area and contribute to the success of the spin-offs? Then apply to Mr. Stegner.Of the co-founders is creativity, but also desired determination and entrepreneurial spirit. The spin-off is to start in early 2014 with a grant EXIST research transfer. During the spin phase, the founders are supported by HIGHEST and accompanied by a mentor.

Selection of awards and articles on

Elmar Stenitzer Prize 2012

Award of Darmstadt Foundation for Technology Transfer 2012

Hoch3 article underground test area of the FG Geothermal Science and Technologyon p.12

Hoch3 items to newly developed thermal conductivity meter for loose rockon p.24

Radio broadcast in Germany for measuring thermal conductivity for unconsolidated rocks

Questions or your application, please e-mail or telephone to 31/10/13 to: 
Hr. John Stegner (tel. 06151/1670954 or or Mr. Deniz Gebze in the Department VI -. Research at TU Darmstadt ( @ address 
We will then put in touch with you.

Company: Spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt
Contact: Mr. John Stegner
Address: Schnittspahnstraße 9, 64287 Darmstadt

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