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8 thoughts on “Fast New Blocked Account Opening Procedure in Germany For Study -(Online) 2017

  1. how will I get back my money if my visa application has been rejected by the embassy? Also can the bank send multiple bank confirmations to different embassies of my choice?

  2. After opening my account how much can I get per month when I will be already in germany? Is that I little require an amount of my choice to pay me per month dan smon current account?

  3. After opening my installment what is the sum of money I would get per month? Is it possible to require a sum to be paid into my current account in Germany

  4. I am in Africa especially in Cameroon I would like to know how to transfer the money has part of here after the opening of the account has the fintiba?

  5. hey guys
    my situation is diffrent
    i already have a visa for study
    and i have a blcoked account in tunisia
    but for us tunisian students we get residence permit only when we have a blocked account in germany
    so guys how i can transfer my blocked account from tunisia to germany

  6. As a US citizen it looks like I cannot use Fintiba or Sutor Bank. I will be a language student who is over 30 years of age and need to open a blocked account for my student residence permit. I am already in Germany. Help, anybody?

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