Free GiroKonto – Consors Bank (Previously Cortal Consors) with free VISA card / ATM card

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TODAY’s BANK REVIEW: Coral Consors Bank – Germany

  • 50 euro premium for content input to 2014
  • free banking
  • Free VISA Classic card and girocard / V PAY
  • An innovation of Hello Bank: The 10-cent credit for almost any card payment
  • free at over 58,000 ATMs in Germany withdraw cash with the VISA Classic Card
  • free at over 1 million ATMs worldwide withdraw cash with the VISA Classic Card
  • effective interest rate on your line of credit: 8.50% pa (8.77% effective)
  • Free Verified by VISA registration

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  • Register on the website on the above link
  • You will a package by post on your address ( almost the next day) , there is a post ident form in it, Fill / Sign it and Goto Deutsche Post and they know the rest what to do , take your passport with you , also send them one copy of your passport first page
  • After that , wait for a week , you will get your account openend and get he details
  • you will get SMALL TAN generator , you need to aktivate it too , hence send the letter to the bank that you received it and aktivate it
  • in some days you will get the VISA card and GIRO card by post and same with the PIN’s



Free: VISA Classic card including partner card

  • 10-cent credit: for each card payment
  • free: Lift the world’s cash
  • free: cash payments worldwide
  • Extra protection when shopping with Verified by Visa
  • Keep track of: payments and cash withdrawals appear immediately on your account.



Free: girocard / V PAY card partners including

  • 10-cent credit: for each card payment with PIN
  • free: withdraw cash in German supermarkets such as Rewe, Penny, Netto and Toom
  • free: cashless payments in Germany and € all countries
  • free: use a cash card


FAQ for Current Account

Which card payments I receive a 10-cent credit?

You get all girocard / V Pay cards payments for which the PIN input is required, a 10-cent credit. You will also receive this credit for all purchases, you pay with your Visa Classic card. Regardless of whether you have made ​​your purchases online or in person in the trade.
Please note that the amount of credit card sales from calendar year is limited to a total of up to 100 euros per checking account. This equals up to 1,000 cards payments under the above conditions.

When are the 10-cent credit cards for my payments?

You will receive a collected your credit card payments for each quarter.
Payment is made ​​quarterly by quarterly financial statements in the following months of January, April, July and October.

How can I get the 50 euro premium?

If until 30.09.2013 a first input content is posted to your account, you will receive a thank you in October, a credit of 50 € on your Cortal Consors checking account.
input content as well as wages, federal financial aid, pay and pensions are counted. Self-referrals are excluded.

Who can attend?

Participation is open to all adult new customers and existing customers who open their first checking account at Cortal Consors from 16.05.2013.

When I get 50 euros bonus?

The € 50 bonus will be credited to your checking account in October Cortal Consors.

Can I withdraw larger sums in cash?

Yes, this is free of charge in all German branches of the journey Bank AG. You can be there to cash amounts from 1,000 to 25,000 euros in cash.
Please call ahead to customer service at:

  • 0911/369 12 40

As additional security for the payment, please contact your customer advisor legitimacy number. They call this the journey Bank branch. In addition, you will also need a valid identity document. You should therefore like to have your identity card or passport.

  • Amounts to 5,000 euros you can pay next working already on leave (Monday to Friday).
  • Amounts from 5.000 euros available after three working days.

Please grant the withdrawal request before 15:00 clock. Otherwise the payment date be postponed by a further business day.

How do I get an overdraft?

The grant and the amount of the overdraft facility is financially dependent. With new store openings, the maximum credit facility of € 1,500. A claim to a credit facility does not exist. After 3 times will input content can be checked on the customer, the granting of a higher overdraft facility.

VISA Classic Card: use

Where can I use the VISA Classic card?

The VISA Classic card you can use at over 24 million locations worldwide: wherever VISA credit cards are accepted. For example, in shops, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and of course the internet.

Does it cost me to use a VISA Classic card?

No, you can withdraw card worldwide to nearly one million ATMs free money with your VISA Classic. Also fall in stores, restaurants or gas stations when using the VISA Classic card no additional fees or costs to you.

How much money can I withdraw with the VISA Classic card at ATMs?

It depends on the limit of your VISA Classic card. In general, you can withdraw from ATMs daily and weekly up to 1,000 euros to 3,000 euros.

Up to what amount I can pay with VISA Classic card?

For the VISA Classic card a personal framework is agreed. Within this limit, you can pay cash.

What is “Verified by VISA” and how can I use it?

VISA Classic card: Loss / Problems

What can I do if I no longer have my PIN for VISA Classic card?

Please call the customer care at Cortal Consors:

  • 0911/369 12 40

You will receive by mail a new personal identification number (PIN).


What can I do do if the VISA Classic card of dealers is not accepted?

Not all merchants accept credit cards. In these cases, you can use your girocard / V PAY card in Europe.

The machine has retained my card VISA Classic. What now?

There may be a card failure or a technical failure of the ATM. Please call in such cases, our customer service at:

  • 0911/369 – 12 40


My VISA Classic card no longer works. What now?

Please check first if you have entered your personal identification number wrong. If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, the card will be blocked for your safety. To unlock the phone, please call customer service:

  • 0911/369 – 12 40

If you are sure that you have correctly entered your PIN, please call the customer care also. You will immediately receive a new card.
Important: For security reasons it is important that you destroy your old card: Cut out the card with scissors several times. Confirm us the destruction of your card please in an informal letter.


What can I do if I lose my card VISA Classic?

Please leave immediately terminate your card VISA Classic:

  • 116 116 free in Germany
  • +49,116,116 From abroad *

A replacement card can be obtained from the customer service:

  • 0911/369 – 12 40


girocard / V PAY card: use

What is a girocard / V PAY card and how can I use them?

The girocard / V PAY card is the new “debit card” VISA, so the former “ec card”. You can easily pay with her and withdraw money from ATMs – you having to use only your identification number (PIN).

How can I use the girocard / V PAY card as a debit card?

You can use the card as a debit card – use, for example, to park, ticket or vending machines or at the stamps from Deutsche Post – without entering a PIN or signature.
purpose you need to recharge. This goes at ATMs and at loading terminals of car parks or bus stops.Simply enter your PIN.

Does it cost me to use a girocard / V PAY card?

For traders, you can use the card for free. Fall for withdrawing money with the girocard / V PAY card fees Institus machines operated on.
The level of fees is displayed in Germany during the withdrawal process.
Our recommendation: Use to withdraw money with your VISA Classic card. With it, you can withdraw money free of charge worldwide.

Up to what amount I can use the girocard / V PAY card?

For your safety, different limits apply to the use of your girocard / V PAY card:

  • At ATMs you can withdraw up to 500 euros a day.
  • For purchases using your PIN you can pay within seven days up to 2,000 euros.
  • On the cash card you can load up to 200 euros.


A business only has the ec logo. Can I pay with the card still girocard / V PAY?

Yes, the Cortal Consors girocard / V PAY card you can use there.

When should I girocard / V PAY card when using the VISA Classic card?

Pay or withdraw money using girocard / V PAY card:

  • Germany and Europe
  • Charges of machines operated institution

Pay or withdraw money using VISA Classic Card:

  • worldwide
  • no fees


Can I print card account statements with the girocard / V PAY?

No, Cortal Consors there is no statement printer. You can view the online archive your statements at any time.

girocard / V PAY card: Loss / Problems

My Cortal Consors girocard / V PAY card is not accepted or does not work. Why?

There could be several reasons:

  • The dealer takes no cards in general. This is possible especially outside Europe. Please soft in this case simply on your VISA Classic card.
  • The lines were overloaded. Background: The merchant sends from his terminal from a request to us to have to authorize payment. This is done for security reasons.


What should I do in case of loss of card girocard / V PAY?

Please leave your girocard / V PAY card at the following phone number blocked immediately:

  • 116 116 free in Germany
  • +49,116,116 From abroad *

We will of course be happy to supply of a replacement card. Please contact your easy Cortal Consors customer service.



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